Aggressive By Nature – Feeling the Force

Yesterday was quite a tease filled day. It started out in the morning with me tucking cagedmonkey in like usual. However, it ended up being much more than your typical tuck in! Before I went up he’d fallen asleep so he woke up to my wet horny pussy being shoved in his face and he immediately went to work servicing me. I let him lick me to a nice orgasm and then I slid down and straddled his stomach. I started kissing him very deep. I grabbed his neck under his chin, pushed his head back and started kissing him much more forcefully. I kissed him so deep and so hard that he gagged.

I have no idea what is going on with me the past few days but I’m in a severely dominant mood. I’m very aggressive and forceful. Cagedmonkey says I start to growl like a predator. That’s kinda how I feel like he’s my prey to be caught and used for my pleasure. I have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to use him so hard and force him to do things to me exactly how I want them done. It’s something that, as I get more comfortable with my level of self control, this aggressiveness progresses into much more.


Yes, that's my tattoo! 🙂

All day yesterday I had randomly been walking up to hubby and grabbing his face and kissing him so hard and deep. I’d grab his crotch, spank his ass as he walked by. I’d been quite clear with my sexual advances.

Last night, before hubby left for work, I had him begging me and whimpering. I decided to take off the Revenge (made him put that on the other day after his little cage free time) and enjoy myself with a little tease and torment. hehe 🙂 I started by simply stroking his rock hard cock to the edge and letting go. I did that over and over while I kind of had him pinned down with my legs. He gets quite squirmy these days when I’m edging him.

So I stroked him to the edge over and over, forced him to suck my big beautiful tits while I was doing it and loved listening to him moan, cuss and whimper each time I’d get him to the edge and leave him dangling there. That’s when I brought out my awesome trick. That really got him going and he started bucking his hips and really begging me to stop. Sometimes I wonder what it feels like when I do it… I guess he’ll have to tell us sometime!

Ohhhhhhh, what’s my trick, right? Hehe see, I even teased you! Well I wish I had a picture or video to show you but basically once I’ve edged him to the point of his cock being super sensitive I cup my hand slightly and place the head of his cock in the middle of my palm. This actually works so awesome with a tiny bit of lube or even precum works. I then move my hand flat, cupped, flat, cupped, etc squeezing with my thumb a bit too to give it that extra ooomph. I keep doing it at a very fast pace and it drives him absolutely crazy. I really have to hold him down then, so if you plan on doing this, tying him down might be a good option. I had a plan to only do it for about 5 mins straight but after seeing him, hearing him and feeling him bucking and squirming under me I just had to keep it up much longer. I kept him like that until the very last minute I could where he would still have time to get back in his cage and head off to work.

He is back in the Jail Bird now but boy oh boy did he have an awfully achy, horny night at work. Especially when I’d text him and tell him how I was rubbing my horny wet pussy, just because I could. *giggle*

Tonight is date night… it’s been awhile… I wonder what kinds of things my aggressive behavior will bring tonight! :)~


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