Chastity Soundtrack


Driving wearing his monkey pants!

Of course cagedmonkey and I are driving back home from my father’s Memorial and what song comes on the radio? “You Can’t Touch This” haha he certainly can’t, can he? 🙂 I did get a cute little tease in while singing it to him and made him smile.

Overall, the services for my father were good. I’ve done a lot of crying the past few days and cagedmonkey has been my rock. Such a man just being there for anything I need. He was on kid duty a lot because being around my very large family I end up being pulled in 20 directions from everyone who wants to talk to me.

The past few days have been so hard and I miss my hubby even though we’ve been right next to each other! We haven’t had much intimate time but last night I made sure to get me some. Cagedmonkey had gone to bed before me and had fallen asleep so when I came in I took off my dress and climbed in bed with him to press my boobies against his naked chest. Oh man did it ever feel awesome skin to skin like that. We made out a bit and then snuggled together and fell asleep. Though we were up a couple times at night because he was dreaming about us and would get some touchy feely stuff in.

We’re about 7 hours from home and have to wait that much longer to finally get some quiet alone time together. We cannot wait!!


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