Three Days to Tease, pt. 2: Reality Trumps Fantasy

(click here for Part 1)

Day 2 started off in very similar fashion as Day 1: kids dropped off at day camp, naked breakfast in bed. This time, My Lady was the one who wanted to be fucked. I have been craving a little power switch for a while, so this was perfect for me. ML ordered me to take the strap on we have named “Mr. O” (because it was one of the first strap on toys we tried that made her cum without much effort) and fuck her as hard as I possibly could with it.

Um……. OKAY!!!

I took full advantage of the freedom ML granted me to dominate her. We started out in missionary position, and once I got the strapon lined up well – which is not very easy, considering I can’t feel a thing – I began slamming it into her wet pussy. Soon the bedroom was filled with the sounds of my hips smacking against her inner thighs, the wet slurping of her horny pussy, and ML’s passionate moans and cries.

I began to really get into it. I could feel the power growing within me, and I liked it. It has been a LONG time since I’ve been able to really let go and pound the hell out of my wife’s pussy. Either my cock is locked up or I’m incredibly sensitive and I need to be careful while I’m inside her. But, considering I was using the strapon and couldn’t feel a damn thing locked up in my cage, I was able to go full speed, full power on her. And it felt great.

I flipped ML over and took her from behind doggy style, grabbing her hips and pulling her back towards me, pushing the fake cock farther into her pussy. She moaned so loud, it fueled my desire to fuck her even harder. I reached down and pulled her hair back, forcing her throat to stretch as she continued her animalistic growls as I fucked her. Then, I shoved her face down into the pillow, muffling her cries as I shoved my thumb into her raised ass. She squealed as I continued to pound her from behind. She sounded like such a good little fuckslut that I rewarded her with some nice hard, deep fucking.  🙂

I fucked her as deep as I possibly could with the strapon. My Lady was clawing at the bed, trying desperately to find something to grasp on to in order to keep herself grounded. Finally, I put all of my weight into one last deep thrust inside her. ML screamed as I held the strapon inside her, then she convulsed as she suffered through a very intense orgasm. She grunted and groaned as each wave hit her body with great force. It felt wonderful to make her cum like that – I knew she had been missing being fucked good and hard for a while – but I also wished I could feel her tight pussy clenching and squeezing around my cock.

After a very long and intense orgasm, I took the strapon off and we curled up in bed, both nearly exhausted and ready for a naked nap together.

Then….. it happened.

Reality, that fucking cunt bitch, crashed the party.

ML’s phone rang next to the bed, it was a family member from out-of-state calling her. Calling with not good news. Very very bad news.

Her father had just passed away.  😦

He was by no means a “healthy” man, but he wasn’t near death’s door or anything. This was an absolute and complete surprise. Needless to say, ML was devastated. She spent the next ten minutes crying into my arms. I held her close and supported her as she poured everything out onto me. I felt terrible that she had to go through this right now, but I was glad that I was able to be there instead of me being at work or something else.

Once My Lady regained a little bit of control over her emotions, we laid in bed curled up with each other and talked. It was such a sad situation, however we both agreed that it would have been much worse had the phone call come abou 20 minutes earlier when I was fucking her with the strapon (LOL!).

Considering the circumstances, My Lady is actually taking it very well. She has had moments of emotionality, as would be expected – breaking into tears at random times, a little loss of mental focus, etc. But she is strong, much stronger than even she thinks. And she knows she has me to help her through this.

We will be taking a road trip to attend his burial ceremony this weekend and into next weekend. I hope you readers will understand if we aren’t able to post as much as we have in the past. We will do our best, but we can’t guarantee anything. Best wishes to everyone out there, and please keep ML and her family in your prayers.


9 responses to “Three Days to Tease, pt. 2: Reality Trumps Fantasy

  1. So sorry to hear about your Dad passing. I am glad you can go be with your family though.

    Did you guys recently change anything on your blog? I like to read posts through feedly but now it only gives me a few lines of your post where as before I could read the whole thing.


    • Thank you so much for your thoughts.

      We did change the layout to be ok on mobile devices and I think we changed it to excerpt in Feeds instead of the whole post… we’ve been trying to find that right balance with layout!


      • When you get a chance, if you could change the feeds back to however they were before so they show the whole post, that would be great. It is really frustrating right now that it only shows the the few line excerpt. I read mostly on mobile devices and it is very hard to read from the blog itself, so I like to read from the feedly and then click over when I leave a comment. If you could change it back I would really appreciate it 🙂


      • I did change the blog itself to the mobile view because everything I do is on my phone and it was easier. I’ll try to get in the settings and fix the feeds.


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