From the Archives: Drunk Chastity Ramblings

This isn’t necessarily archives because it’s from last night but it’s awesome! Cagedmonkey and I have a notebook that we use for communication and writing down our play and feelings about it. Yes we talk to each other but we also write in our book. 🙂

Last night cagedmonkey and I had a few drinks (well he had more than a few hehe). I ended up taking a snooze for a bit on the couch when I had a little upset tummy. Wine + chips & dip in my belly didn’t go too well.

Anyway, we had a fantastic night together anyway but that truly deserves it’s own post haha. This morning I woke up to a new entry in our book and it was so awesome I just had to share with you all!


I got a new pen! I didn’t realize it was so dark, though, so I’ll have to write a little more carefully.

I’m drunk and you’re sleeping on the couch (hehe). So instead of waking you up with random shit, I’m writing it down. How considerate of me, yes?

So my random stuff:
1. I love you!
3. I just spent some time talking to you about taking control of you, making you my slut, etc. I think I miss that. A LOT. I miss FUCKING you, like a powerful man. I would hope that in June (or whenever you decide to let me cum, this year, next year, whatever), you give me me an opportunity to taste that again.
4. What the? Am I secretly hoping that you push my denial past June? WAY further past? WTF? I want to cum so bad, but part of me wants to hear that I won’t cum again this year. I will be SOOOO happy with whatever you choose, as long as it’s what you want.
5. My lips are numb. 🙂
7. I really do love you. Like fucking out of this world live you. FOR REALZ YO!

Ok, I’ll be done for now. I’ve got more drinking to do. You might hear from me later. Hopefully you can read my handwriting with this pen, and I make you smile. <3<3<3

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