Cheating Chastity

I was recently asked “how would a guy go about cheating while in chastity?” I actually hesitated, did I want to give up this information? Did I want to teach a soon to be chaste guy how to cheat the device? Ugh! What a hard spot to be in, but, I did explain what I felt would be cheating.

There are a few things that I would consider cheating. Things like unlocking without permission. If you’re using your emergency key, cutting the lock or even pulling your shaft out the back of the device, you’re cheating. Of course, any unauthorized orgasm would be considered cheating as well. I’ve heard of some boys that can use a vibrator on their cage/balls and end up having an orgasm.

Some of these things are easy enough to know about because they cannot be hidden. Obviously, if a lock is cut, someone is cheating. Personally I like hubby to have access to an emergency key at all times so he has one on his keychain, BUT, it’s in a tamper evident wrapper. If he uses the key he has to cut the wrapper to get it out.
It’s also my handwriting so he can’t make a new one and try to trick me. I put a drawing on the other side too. 🙂

The other way to cheat, that I mentioned, was pulling out the back of the device. It is possible to do and it’s even possible to shove the penis back in and really, would I as a Keyholder, know that a guy cheated this way? Probably not, but your behavior may give you away. This form of cheating really sits on a guys conscience, he’s the one who have to live with the knowledge that he cheated. He’s got to feel the pangs of disappointment in himself everytime he looks at his Keyholder, knowing he didn’t play the game right and disobeyed her. Knowing if she found out she would be very disappointed in him and could ultimately not want to play with him anymore. Who wants to play with someone who cheats?

I mean if you’re asking to be in chastity and you have a woman willing to keep you, why in the hell would you even dream of doing something like that?


8 responses to “Cheating Chastity

  1. I’m curious. How exactly did you make the tamper evident wrapper? I have a few ideas myself on how to make one (and thank you for that great idea by the way!), but I’d like to know how you went about it. Thanks.


    • Girr,

      Thank you for the comment and great question! That one in the pic is simply paper I wrote and drew on with my pretty purple pen, wrapped around the key and taped with clear packing/box tape. That’s the way I like to do it. I recently sent an emergency key with my lock to one of my boys where I used a shipping label. It wrapped around the key and stuck to itself to seal and then I wrote on it. There is no way to get the key out without me knowing. So check in pics have to be done with the key in it.

      Hope that helps!


  2. 1) You should have shown the drawing on the other side. It’s CUTE!

    2) We found out just the other day that apparently I can have an orgasm with a vibrator on the cage… just not a very satisfying one! 🙂


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