Birthday Gift For a Husband in Chastity


Yeah, you know you read that title thinking it was cagedmonkey’s birthday, right? Well it’s not! It’s mine, but, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some special plans for my locked up hubby man. Don’t be mistaken thinking my denied guy is going to get an orgasm because that is just not in the cards today. He WILL still be waiting until his birthday in June for that… or at least that long (perhaps I’ll deny him until Christmas!).

Today, it’s been almost a month since cagedmonkey has touched his own penis. If he has been unlocked he’s been restrained and not allowed to touch. If I have unlocked him, I’ve been the one to remove and replace his cage. He’s dying to stroke himself, let alone just touch himself in general. So my plan for later is to unlock him and use our bondage rope to tie his own hand to his penis so I can pull up on the rope and force him to stroke himself. He really wants to touch himself but I’m going to force him to do it how I want him to. He won’t really have a choice in HOW he gets to touch himself. 🙂

I’m really getting into the bondage rope and I’m going to buy myself more. We even bought a book to learn knots and techniques, but that’s for an entirely different post!

It should be a pretty interesting thing and I’ll be sure to take pictures and share how our little adventures go tonight. I’m really looking forward to his reactions – you should know by now how much of a reaction junkie I am – and sharing it with all of you! 🙂


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