Chastity Water Torture


As my current denial period has been going on and on (and on and on and on…), I’ve noticed that both my cock and my balls have gotten SUPER sensitive. When My Lady has unlocked me I’m usually moaning at the very first touch of her hands. My sensitivity doesn’t apply to my unlocked periods alone; my cock is almost more sensitive when it is locked in its cage, it seems. ML has taken advantage of this frequently over the past week or so, rubbing the head of my cock through the bars of the Jailbird, or even snaking her tongue inside to tease my flesh with her warm wet tongue. Being teased by ML is one thing, but the thing that has been driving me a little bit crazy lately is how everyday mundane tasks end up teasing me in some weird way.

My balls have felt extremely full over the past few days. I don’t know if it’s because My Lady has been teasing me more and I’m getting a little backed up with pre-cum, or perhaps it’s simply that I NEED TO FUCKING CUM FOR GOD SAKES. I’m so sensitive that certain pairs of pants have made it difficult to sit down without giving me the sensation of having my balls gently squeezed. It’s a little hard to concentrate on work when I’m sitting at my desk and I can feel my balls throbbing to my heartbeat.

So far, the worst of all has been the shower. It’s bad enough when My Lady and I share a shower; having her soaked & sexy naked body so close to mine, performing the task of soaping and rinsing her soft skin, kneeling before her in the shower to wash her legs and feet… it’s all VERY arousing. But even when I’m alone in the shower, I can’t escape the torture of a cock teasing. The spray from the water seems to tickle every sensitive spot on my cock, and it’s usually no more than two minutes into my shower before I’m softly moaning. And when it’s time to wash the cage, and I need to massage my balls and soap up my shaft through the cage, my knees immediately get wobbly. It’s almost too much to handle!

I still have at least 2 more months before I get to cum, and I can imagine my sensitivity issues are only going to get worse from here on out. Two months… that’s a helluva lot of showers from now until then.


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