Surprise, Surprise!

In case you didn’t know, I’m kind of a control freak so I don’t really like surprises. I like to know what is happening, where we’re going and how we’re getting there. I like to be the one to plan it out all. I’m just not usually capable of handing over that much control without some anxiety.

I do love knowing that cagedmonkey is capable of thinking about me and wants to do something nice for me by taking me out. He’s planned on taking me on a date on tomorrow night but it is a total mystery as to where we’re going. I’m not that anxious about it this time because I know he’s been locked and denied orgasm for 3 weeks and his thoughts are about pleasing me. I know he’s taking me out to do something he knows I’ll enjoy because he’s thinking about me and my enjoyment.

You boys can be very selfish but I’ve noticed it is much less when you are locked and focused on your Lady/Mistress. I’m looking forward to what my sweet boy has planned. Although any precious time we get without the kids is always an amazing time even if we’re just sitting and watching tv. 🙂


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