Somebody Call a Doctor!

It’s unlike us not to update often but we’ve been dealing with what’s felt like death over here. All four of us got hit with the worst flu ever! It started Thursday night with our youngest who was doing alright by Saturday morning. We thought we made it through missing something horrible. Boy were we wrong, Saturday evening our daughter was throwing up, later in the evening cagedmonkey was hit and down for the count and last came me.
This was one of the worst rounds of illness to hit our house. I can’t remember a time when all four of us went down! The bad part was by yesterday morning the kids were feeling better but mommy and daddy couldn’t even move without vomiting. So the kids were basically taking care of themselves for an entire day. Thank God for Oscar Mayer Lunchables! We were all so sick the kids missed their gymnastics recital yesterday too. We even had to call up a friend and ask if they could bring over some ginger ale and saltines. It really was bad but I’m happy that by yesterday evening cagedmonkey was feeling well enough to get the kids ready for bed.

Today we are all on the mend other than some body aches, congestion and all that. Our bellies are getting themselves sorted out. I can also tell we’re starting to feel better when cagedmonkey and I have started to grope each other and actually feeling a little horny again.

I’ll be posting later to tell you all how freaking exciting and awesome it was having 5 whole hours to ourselves kid free on Saturday morning before the evil illness kicked in. 🙂

Stay tuned!


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