Balls Deep in My Ass

I absolutely love when I get so hungry, growly horny and dominant with cagedmonkey. His reactions to my aggression are fucking outstanding!

We’ve been sick so not too much play feels like it’s been happening around here. Yes, I know you’ve read about a few things and maybe they are pretty good things but it’s certainly not enough to satisfy this building, mega horny I have going on these days.

**Side note: for those keeping track I should be starting my cycle soon. I get unbelievably horny – dripping wet pussy – during the week before.

This morning I went up to “tuck in” hubby and restrained him, took him out of that Revenge (man I’ve been dying to do that!), and got me some cock! Mmmm Damn was it good feeling his big hard cock sliding into my wet pussy as I rode him. I had myself a couple orgasms, sat down on his face to give him something to sleep to and left him, tied up there, to sleep while I headed out for errands. He still had not seen or touched his cock now in over a week.

While I was out, I couldn’t get him or his uncaged cock out of my mind. My horny was building all morning into the afternoon. When my daughter and I got home, we ate lunch and I went up to “snuggle with daddy” while she played some on the computer. Boy, did I ever snuggle with cagedmonkey haha!

I rolled him over on his back and started out by straddling him at his knees. I leaned down and cagedmonkey mentioned how he knows I like to watch him get hard and that I’d get to see it. I looked up at him put his chubby at my lips and told him I could FEEL it get hard and I sucked all of him into my mouth. I love to hear him moan, I swear I have an addiction to it! I gave him a pretty good blow job, slipping, sucking and licking his big thick cock, taking him deep in my throat. I couldn’t take it too long, with his moaning and cussing, before I had to slide up his body and sit down on his cock. As I slid myself up and down on his cock over and over my aggression was growing stronger and stronger. I came so hard just looking at him tied up there, vulnerable and helpless.

Something about me that becomes clearer and clearer, through all of this, is my complete love of seeing, feeling and hearing his reactions. It pushes my arousal to a whole other level. I get this growling almost angry type sex thing going on. I fuck him harder and I get so much wetter. I was soaking his entire crotch and mine just cumming over and over, squeezing his thick cock in my pussy grips. I had gotten so incredibly turned on and his cock was so slippery, covered in my cum, that I reached back under myself and positioned the head of his cock at my unlubricated asshole. I was just so fucking hot for him, so aggressive toward him. The look in his eye when I stared right into them and I literally shoved his cock deep and hard into my tight asshole. It was uncomfortable but he knew that cock was mine to fuck however I wanted. That, at that moment, it had nothing to do with him. His reaction was amazing, he gasped and moaned and his chest lifted up off the bed. So freaking awesome!!

I fucked myself deep and hard in the ass, I spread my ass cheeks to get him as deep as I could. I felt his balls between my cheeks as I lifted up and down, fucking myself. I just had to cum with his cock in my ass. I leaned back, felt how super dripping wet my pussy was and I slathered up my hand and wiped it all over his face. Oh God, his moans!!! It took seconds to get to climax after that… seconds! I came so hard, my asshole clamping down on his cock so fucking tight.

You would think I’d be done from there, right? ha! I got off, cleaned him and me up a bit and then sat on his face. I forced him to lick my pussy while I edged him, stroked him over and over, letting go at the last minute. I finally ended our time together with a lovely ruined orgasm. He managed to get one shot off that hit me in my big titties but I cut off the rest and he dribbled cum on to his belly.

Within minutes, he was locked up again. This time I put away the Revenge and locked him back in my favorite, the Jail Bird. He so damn sexy in it! 🙂

Now if only I was feeling better we may have had a much more exciting time! Damn sore throat, cold, whatever this crap is needs to take a hike!

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