Hooded and Fucked (A Recap of Last Night)

Because of this morning’s events, I was not able to post about what happened last night after my bath until now. I can’t really complain, though. 😉

My Lady is truly enjoying using the hood to torment me and isolate me from my own penis. After my bath, My Lady decided that she wanted to have some time with her toy. She sat me on the couch, cuffed my hands behind my back, and pulled the hood over my head. Then I felt her unlocking my cage once again, and my cock sprang free in an instant. God, that first moment of freedom feels SO FUCKING GOOD. Then I felt ML climbing up on the couch to straddle me.

She rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy, slightly teasing herself with my cock. After a few moments, she took me inside her pussy, sliding down all the way until her ass was on my thighs. She started to bounce slowly up and down, careful not to stimulate me too much too fast… it has been about a week since I last had an orgasm, so I’m pretty much on a hair trigger right now. I could hear her moaning as she rode my cock. It felt so wonderful to be inside her again.

Then I felt something being rubbed against my face in the hood. My Lady was rubbing her huge, soft titties against my face. I immediately started to groan in frustration. See, I absolutely LOVE to watch ML play with her tits while I fuck her, especially when she is on top. They are absolutely a perfect sight to see, but now I was being deprived of this treat. I wanted to see them. I needed to see them. But I was not allowed. She continued rubbing her tits against me as she fucked against me.

My Lady slowed her pace down and let my cock slip out of her pussy. The I felt her reach down and grab my cock, holding it upright as she pushed her hips down towards me. Then I felt my cockhead pressing against My Lady’s tight asshole. She was going to take my cock in her ass using only her pussy juice as lube. It was a good thing she was so wet and horny, because I slid inside without much difficulty.  🙂

It was even more difficult holding off my orgasm with ML’s tight ass squeezing my cock. I wanted nothing more than to fill her ass up with my huge load of cum, but I obeyed like a good boy should. After a few minutes of ass fucking, I felt My Lady hold still and begin rubbing her clit. She was going to cum with my cock in her ass. Oh….. my….. God…..

She came hard. Her ass clenched around the base of my cock, and I had to fight hard not to cum along with her. Every molecule of my body wanted it, but I was not allowed. She rocked back and forth, thrusting my cock in and out of her ass as she continued to cum. It lasted about twenty seconds before her ass released its grip on my cock.

I was still not allowed to see my cock, even after my remarkable performance in holding off my orgasm for My Lady. She cleaned me off and left me cuffed and hooded on the couch. She sat back to watch some TV until my cock got soft enough to go back in the Revenge. In it went, and off came the cuffs and the hood.

So… My Lady seems to be getting her fill of whatever she wants, while I am left desiring what I cannot have. Is there anything better than this?  🙂

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