The Penis Hideaway Continues: In Da Hood

My Lady is getting used to taking charge during the new “no look/no touch” rules she has come up with. She showed her skill last night with a devious little tease that left me wanting to cum so bad!

I was a little overdue for some shaving maintenance, so after the kids went to bed, My Lady went about shaving me. She has gotten much better at shaving me with the cage on, which works well during this new game we are currently playing. After I my balls were nice and smooth, it was time to clean off.

My Lady led me to the bathroom, where she had drawn me a nice warm bath. After I stepped in the tub, she used cuffs and one of my belts to restrain my hands to  the shower rung. Then she put her newest toy on me – a spandex blindfold hood. Unable to reach down or even see, I was ready for my bath. She removed my cage and had me sit down in the bath.


It was a wonderful feeling, both being free of the cage and having the warm water surround my cock. I could feel my hard cock bobbing against the waves. It was a slight tease in and of itself, giving me sensation but no friction. Of course, I needed more, but I wasn’t going to complain.

My Lady then began to bathe me, giving me a literal sponge bath as I sat there. She used the loofa sponge to wet down my chest and back, soaping me up and rinsing me off. Her hands felt so wonderful on me, cleaning and caressing my body. It was relaxing to feel so cared for. This is the best part of being kept: the care that your keeper gives you.

Then the bath turned from relaxation to utter frustration. She kept moving down my body with the sponge, across my stomach until her hands brushed against the tip of my cock. I moaned loudly, and I heard ML giggle in response. She continued toying and teasing with my cock as I struggled to keep my hips still and avoid splashing water all over the bathroom floor. Soon, ML was stroking my cock under the water. My moans echoed off the walls as she drove me closer and closer to cumming. She slowed her pace just short of pushing me over, bringing me back from the edge and pushing me back up once again time after time. There was a moment where, as she got DANGEROUSLY close to making me cum, I was afraid she may give me a ruined orgasm. But she let go of my cock just in time, the waves in the tub acting as her freelance cock teasing agents, holding me on the edge but not giving me enough pleasure to cum.

It is difficult to explain the spectrum of emotions I felt during this. I was excited that My Lady was playing with my cock, grateful for the attention I was getting. But I was also very vulnerable in that position; once it was clear that I had no way of stopping or resisting the teasing ML was giving me, I had no choice but to submit to her. I could only take what she was giving me and wait for the sexual torture to end.

Once ML was finished bathing and teasing me I heard exit the bathroom, leaving me in the tub waiting for my erection to subside. Apparently, my cock had other ideas, as it refused to get soft even when the water began to chill a bit. I heard ML come back in twice to check on me; both times she was not satisfied with how my cock was still hard. Finally – after doing a handful of math equations in my head – my cock started to soften. ML let the water out of the tub and put the Revenge back, caging my teased and desperate cock once again. Only after my cock was safely locked away did she uncuff me and remove the hood.

I’ll admit, I didn’t think this would happen so fast… but I really do miss seeing my cock. Before this, I’ve always been able to watch ML tease my cock; being denied the sight of it seems to make the experience even more intense. I know she has more ways on how to drive me crazy with this idea; she has already told me this morning that she may need to unlock me again later tonight to satisfy some of her needs. Stay tuned….


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