What a Keyholder Wants, a Keyholder Gets

I’m not really one who plans out how things are going to be or even what things are going to happen. I’m more of the go-with-the-flow type person because I’ve found that things are much more enjoyable when we don’t expect or count on certain things. One thing about life that used kill me was getting my hopes up or expecting something and then only getting disappointed because it wasn’t how I imagined, what I pictured or exactly how I wanted it.

One thing chastity had taught, me as a wife and Keyholder, is that nothing is ever set in stone and everyday is a maybe day! I certainly have ideas of how I want things to go, especially a T & D or D/s session but in no way do I plan our expect anything to go in any particular way.

Since our Valentine’s Day romp my goal was to keep cagedmonkey caged completely (not out, no erections, no feeling me) until my birthday in April and denied his orgasm until his birthday in June. Well as you all probably read a couple weeks ago, the caged completely thing was blown out of the water soon after. Hey, what can I say? I love my man’s cock! πŸ™‚ Still denying him orgasm until June was going to be easy, right?

Nothing is ever as easy as we think! Last night was something quite amazing. Hubby and I were spending some wonderful time together snuggling on the couch. We watched a couple shows on Netflix and just laid together holding each other. Cagedmonkey ended up rubbing my shoulders, relaxing me and making me feel so good and loved. One thing led to another and we were kissing and groping each other. It felt incredible to have his body between my legs, above me like that. It was so sexy, such a turn on, to feel his strong arms, his hips and thighs. We kissed and made out like a couple of horny teenagers.

We’re stopped for a break to get a drink and we talked. As were were sitting there talking we got on the subject of how bad we both missed his cock. With it being in the Revenge I don’t even get a chance to play with it like I do in the Jail Bird. Somewhere in our conversation I leaned over, used the key on my necklace and unlocked the lock on the Revenge. I popped the caged off and he started to instantly get hard so I made him quickly remove the ring.

This was something that had been going through my head for a good part of the day. I am a wife and I have a sexual relationship with my husband… but I’m also a Keyholder. Sometimes the heart, the wife part of me, really wants to have that connection, that intimacy with her husband. To feel his body against mine, to feel him slowly slide his thick cock into my tight pussy, to feel him fill me up with his cum.

One of the best things about being a Keyholder, his dominant, is that I’m in charge and what I say goes! Sometimes when the wife part of me wants to take over, I have the choice to let it happen. To feel my man make love to me. Thrusting slowly into me until I feel those very familiar spasms of his cock. Continuing to thrust as I feel his warm cum overflow my pussy. Filling me up and spilling out on to the couch because there was so much!

It may seem like I messed up my plans but really the ideas I have to get to my goals are never plans. Ideas don’t always happen like we think and that’s the best. One thing I did different this time around was I immediately locked hubby back in the Revenge. I did this in hopes of preserving some of that horny he had pent up for three weeks. I certainly want to try to avoid the “low” that happens after orgasm. We will see how this goes, it’s new to us because usually if he’s going to cum, I drain him with multiple orgasms.

So when a Keyholder Wants something, a Keyholder will have it. She is in charge!


5 responses to “What a Keyholder Wants, a Keyholder Gets

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  2. It is the key holders prerogative to unlock the cage when she chooses. She should be allowed to enjoy col whenever she wants and he is under her schedule. There might be a time set, but why does she have to wait too. I agree with your actions totally. As far as he knows, it’s April. As far as she knows, it’s whenever she wants it.


  3. It should be every Keyholder’s guiltless prerogative to decide if and when he cums. Kudos for living in the moment and not letting the planned release date usurp your authority.
    The idea of being made to wait a specified amount of time always gets me straining in my cage — the longer the “sentence” the harder i get — but setting a date puts the calendar in control. We’ve gotten away from set dates; when she clicks the lock i have no idea how long i’ll be locked up (she might have a goal, but i don’t know what that is) and i find that just as hot.


    • See, I don’t think I could handle not knowing at all when I might cum again! That’s why we have maybe days… ML can extend my denial past that date, but if she extends it for more than a week she needs to give me a new maybe day date. It’s in our agreement. It’s best for me, otherwise I’d spend every day obsessing and hoping that today is the day, and lose my focus.


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