Well, That Didn’t Work! – Denying the Keyholder

Cagedmonkey and I thought it might be interesting to see what it was like for me to be teased and denied. The whole idea was to keep me denied of orgasm until Date Night on Friday the 14th, which would have been about 9 days or so when we started. Well the first 24 hours were completely bonkers and I was going nuts! I was so crazy horny I couldn’t even stand myself haha. I soaked through three pair of panties and pants! By the end of the 24hrs cagedmonkey was so turned on by teasing me he chased me down in the kitchen. He had his coat on and everything ready to walk out the door for work. He grabbed me, pushed me back against the counter and used his fingers, rubbing that familiar spot. You know the one that’s like a button to make me squirt. Well squirt I did all over his hand, dripping down my legs soaking the floor below.

Ok, so there went that day, we’ll just start over. Another day goes by and it wasn’t quite as frantic horny as the first but still a sopping wet pussy kind of day. I was excited, I made it 24 hours being edged and denied over and over all day without coming, woohoo! I thought I was well on my way to making it to Friday. Boy, was I wrong! I really think cagedmonkey enjoys making me cum way too much! However another 24 hours had gone by and I’d made it to last night without an orgasm. The woman who will sometimes have 10 orgasms in a day just went 48 hours without!

Last night, hubby and I watched an episode of Dexter before he had to leave for work. After the show we got in a little snuggle time, started kissing… harder, faster, deeper. Kissing turned to groping and that led to hands and fingers finding their way to my crotch. At first cagedmonkey was edging me over and over. He was really starting to learn the tension in my body, my breathing and was catching on to when I was hanging on the edge for dear life.

Then, he looked me right in the eye and asked if I wanted to cum. I told him of course I WANTED to! He said “do you want to cum enough to unlock me and let me fuck you until I cum deep in your pussy?” He knows I love that, it’s one of my favorite things, being filled up by him. However, I didn’t give in, I told him simply, “No.” Apparently he liked that I didn’t give in because he smiled and had this look in his eye as he started to rub my clit faster. It felt so good, I could feel it surge through me. I was so close to an orgasm, he stopped . One more flick of the finger, I swear, I would have had a full on hard orgasm. I told him to be careful and just as I did, the smile on his lips turned almost evil. He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes and and began to flick his fingers fast, slipping over my clit, back and forth. My eyes got wide and I said, “No, I’m going to go over!” He said, “and?” I just kept telling him, “No, no, no!” I begged him, “please don’t make me cum!” He didn’t stop and over I went, hard, cumming and dripping, gushing more out of my pussy. He’d just forced me to cum!

Once I started cumming that was the end of that. He just kept going, rubbing my clit relentlessly, not stopping even after I’d cum. He kept rubbing and stimulating me. Forcing me orgasm over and over one right after the other. It seriously reminded of the Wand, the Wand doesn’t give up or stop once I’ve cum so my orgasms continue until I stop it. Well I had no control, he just kept going! After who knows how many orgasms I started to almost hurt from the touch, from the sensations on my clit. I started begging him to stop. Over and over asking him to please stop, telling him I couldn’t take it. Finally I got to the point of telling him if he didn’t stop I was going to have to use my safe word!

He slowed, allowed me to finish my last orgasm and come down. Well, like the title of this post says, that didn’t work haha! I really feel like he was enjoying himself way too much and actually liked forcing me to cum over and over to the point of almost using my safe word.

Maybe we’ll try this again for a few days before date night. I suppose if I ever do make it a substantial amount of time I’ll share it here on the blog. We’ve even talked about the possibility of mutual chastity and having me in a belt while he’s locked in his cage. Who knows what the future may hold! 🙂 So many fun possibilities.

4 responses to “Well, That Didn’t Work! – Denying the Keyholder

  1. Double chastity sounds like a great idea. But you know, I really liked the part about him making you cum when you didn’t want to. It’s just the opposite. His denial and your over pleasuring. So many orgasms that you almost had to use the safe word. I like that he didn’t stop. I still think is was a reversal but not in the denial sense. You didn’t want to cum, and he made sure you didn’t want to orgasm again that session. Sounds like there might be a few more of those before Friday.

    PS. How do you keep going? After the first orgasm I give, she is so sensitive, I’m. It allowed touching it. I’d love to give multiples in one session.


    • I get super sensitive too! Honestly, if she would allow you, just keep going through the entire orgasm, don’t stop at all, even after she starts to calm the slightest bit, don’t stop the rhythm. For me, very soon I hit that high again and boom another orgasm and then same thing over and over. I think I can go about 5? (Maybe cagedmonkey had paid more attention haha) before I really need him too stop because it’s so damn sensitive it almost ifs painful.

      I don’t know if all women work that way but that’s what it is for me. Sometimes (because it gets hurty in one spot) I’ll say “ahhh” and cringe and he’s learned that it means to change direction of rubbing. Not speed or anything but up and down as opposed to side to side etc.

      Just remember not all women are multi! 🙂 Good luck!


      • Thanks for the advice. I’m not sure if I can understand, but after a man cums, and if you keep playing with the tip (man clit) it is extremely sensitive. I’ve personally gone for number two but you have to fight through it. I’m assuming it’s a lot like that.


      • It’s probably very much like that because, yes, I have to fight through it until I get past the initial sensitivity. Then there is the pleasure… it’s like a roller coaster up, down, up, down. 🙂


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