Enclosed in Steel – Steelworxx Revenge Review

We got our Revenge, from Steelworxx in Germany, about a week or so ago. Cagedmonkey has tried it on a few times but he hadn’t worn it for any significant amount of time, until recently. We like to go a little slow with things to make sure nothing is pinching, poking, or scratching anywhere. Now like I said, we’ve only had it about a week so some of these feelings may change but the overall review should be the same.

When I first opened the package I was greeted by a black velvet cinched bag with the Steelworxx logo. Very elegant, in my opinion! My first impression of the device was that it looked so sleek. The Revenge is an almost fully enclosed chastity device. It looked exactly as the picture showed on the website. Polished and pretty and ready to be broken in.
We were fully thinking that it would be a pain to get on and that we might need to use the “Stocking Method” to get him in it. After trying to put it on both with and without the Stocking we’ve found that, for hubby, it really doesn’t matter which method. Everything ends up pretty much in the places it goes, naturally.

So I figured I would post some of the specs that we ordered for this device –
Base Ring: 2″ (50mm)
Tube Diameter: 1 1/2″ (38mm)
Tube length: 3″ (80mm)

What we’ve found so far is that we should have ordered a couple different sized rings at the time of the order. Cagedmonkey definitely needs a smaller ring size (1 7/8″ or 47mm) and as it is now, we will have to send the device back to Steelworxx overseas so a smaller ring can be made to fit our device. I’m not too happy about that but we’ve decided to wait a bit before doing that. The device fits with the ring we have but it would be more comfortable and tighter to his body with a smaller one. We hope to check out the device a bit more to see if there are any other modifications that need to be done before sending it out to Germany.

I know you’re wondering how it feels to actually wear the device. So I’ve gotten cagedmonkey’s opinion, so far, on how the device feels to get on and wear.

– Obviously with the more enclosed design it is slightly more difficult to insert into tube.
– The device is comfortable, but in a different way than the open style devices. With the enclosed tube there are no sensitive areas bulging out of the bars. This also eliminates the pinching and/or scratching from the lock on the shaft.
– When experiencing an attempted erection there is also a different feeling as compared to the open design. There is this sense of compression of the tube on my shaft (instead of my shaft pressing against the bars of the open style.)
– Urination is not as bad as expected, some “spray-age” if one of the bars at the end of the tube is in the way. With some careful aiming there are no problems (while sitting of course).
– Haven’t had a chance to experience a good amount of time not seeing or touching so the psychological difference hasn’t happened yet.
– A huge difference is that there is NO feeling from the outside of the tube – even when ML takes the cage inside her, I can’t feel a thing.

I can just imagine how frustrating that must be… to not feel anything. One thing I do want to attempt, at some point, is going an extended amount of time (probably a week to start and maybe get longer… a month?) where cagedmonkey does not touch or see his cock the entire time. Where, if he needs out, he would be cuffed and blindfolded. It would be interesting to see how he handles it psychologically, when I practically take away his penis. πŸ™‚

Anyway, that’s our review at this point. I’m sure if that changes you’ll hear about it.


7 responses to “Enclosed in Steel – Steelworxx Revenge Review

  1. I like the idea of an enclosed but let me know how easy it is to keep clean and with chafing. I liked the bars on mine as it’s easy to clean and she can see its reactions. On the other hand. I like the closed and hidden away factor.


    • The few days he wrote it, cleaning while on want all that bad… he will have to get back to you on this once he finds out he’s getting locked back in today and will be staying there until Friday. Haha he’s going to miss his frustrated cock for a whole week. He won’t be seeing or touching it… at… all! πŸ™‚


  2. Glad to hear you like the new device. I may talk to my wife maybe it is time we change things up for our devices. We just got her three new cocks (dildos) so we are trying to keep things fresh.


    • Yup we got this for variety… we recently ordered a Queens Keep from Mature Metal which is kind of a mix between, a little less open than the JB. These should all be quite interesting!


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