Desperate for Pleasure

I’m currently well into my third week of orgasm denial, and My Lady is really starting to hit her stride. The more desperate and needy I get, the more she enjoys teasing me. And the more she teases me, the more desperate and needy I get. And the more desperate and needy I get…

ML gave me a thorough teasing last night, testing the strength of the Revenge in the process (stay tuned for a device review, coming soon!). She cuffed my hands to the bed, which she said made her start getting wetter almost instantly. She really does love to restrain me! It gives her the opportunity to completely control me as she drives me crazy with need. With my hands secured, she began to tease me with her perfect tits, pulling in close to me but keeping her cleavage just out reach of my tongue. I could smell her scent and it drove me wild. She rubbed her nipples over my lips, making it clear I was NOT allowed to lick or suck them. She even stuck her nipples into my mouth, making me moan and wish she would let me suck on them.

She got off of me and reached into our “toybox” to get the nipple clamps. She put them on my nipples, and I had to breathe to fight past the initial sharp pain. When she tugged on the chain lightly, I could feel the surges of pain translating into pulses of an attempted erection in my cock. I was already throbbing in my cage, and ML wasn’t even near finished with me.

She took her magic wand – which is ALWAYS plugged in now, by the way – placed it under my balls, and turned it on. My body jumped and lurched as the vibrations shook me to the core. I couldn’t help but move my hips in small fucking motions, my body desperately searching for some sort of orgasm after being denied for so long. The vibrating continued as ML climbed on top of me to put those hip motions to good use.

My Lady took the cage inside her and began fucking her pussy with it. I couldn’t believe it – I couldn’t feel a thing! I had to ask her if I was inside! The steel tube of the Revenge cut off all sensation and contact with my cock. It was so unfair to watch ML take her orgasm after all of the ones she’s been having lately, while I was denied even the pleasure of feeling her warm wet pussy on my cock. I whimpered and began to pull my hands up, wanting to touch her, squeeze her tits, hold her close to me, get ANY sensation I could to fill the void that the Revenge created.

When My Lady came while riding me, my body tried as hard as it could to join her. Obviously, without any sensation on my cock the efforts were futile, but my muscles still tensed up and my hips lurched upwards as if the rest of my body didn’t care. My body needs to cum so badly that it is trying to do so on it’s own now, apparently. 🙂

After her orgasm, My Lady climbed off of me and began to massage my entire body, focusing on my legs and feet. Her fingers pressed deep on my muscles, and my body responded with more of the tense squeezing as before. I would have curled up into a ball if I wasn’t spread out and cuffed to the bed. Instead, my arms tugged against the restraints as the rest of my body trembled and shook uncontrollably.

Finally, ML removed the wand from under my balls. I breathed a sigh of relief, but then I realized what she was doing. I moaned loudly as she laid back next to me, spread her legs wide (draping one over my stomach, even) and began rubbing her pussy with the wand. She moaned louder and louder as I heard the sounds of her wetness being vibrated by the wand. Then, she took the wand and pushed the vibrating head into her pussy! “Oh, fuck,” was all I could say as she fucked the wand, moving her hips up to meet it in mid-thrust. Then she began alternating between rubbing her pussy lips and clit with the wand, until she began to cum, loudly and intensely.

I’m not kidding, My Lady rode her orgasm for about two solid minutes before she slumped down and relaxed on the bed. The entire time she was struggling to hold back her screams of passion (barely succeeding), and I could see her thigh muscles pulsing and tensing up with each orgasmic jolt. I was equal parts happy for her and jealous, wanting a body-racking intense orgasm of my own to enjoy.

That feeling has been creeping up a lot lately – envy. I’m envious of My Lady for being able to cum at any and all times of the day, whenever she desires, and as intensely as she does as well. She gets more than her fill of it, while my body sits and waits for its chance. I hunger for my orgasm. My balls constantly feel swollen and sensitive, itching for the chance to drain themselves of weeks of backed up cum. These feelings force me to contemplate my denied state every minute of the day without one moment of reprieve. I don’t see how this feeling could get any more difficult for me to deal with than it is right now.

The reaction I had while tied up and teased has been more and more frequent – I call them “bodygasms,” although the more proper term is most likely “sympathetic orgasms.”  It’s really crazy, feeling my body behave like in that way and having no power to control or stop it. I can only assume that my brain and the rest of my body is tired of waiting and is making it’s own “body-gasms” and leaving my cock behind. I can’t blame them; I’d cum any way I could right now if it were plausible.

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