Conversations in Chastity: Early Parole?

cagedmonkey: I’m being hit pretty hard by the “I want to be out” and “I just need to feel your pussy around my cock” feelings lately. Apparrently, the ways you’ve been teasing me over the past week have been damn effective.

Lady:Awww, I get those feelings too, wanting you inside me. I just know the longer you stay locked in your cage the better it’s going to be on my birthday. I’m loving the effect this is having on you.

cm: Yeah, that… I don’t know why I’m having such a rough time this time around.Ā I was perfectly fine starting out after Valentine’s Day, but ever since our adventures in alcohol I’ve been on edge. It could be the two weeks of denial I’ve built up, but it’s not even cumming that I’m obessing over. It’s feeling your pussy around my hard cock. I’m needing it bad!

Lady: Awww aren’t you cute, wanting to feel my tight pussy squeeze your big hard cock. You know, there’s always a chance I could let you feel my pussy. Realistically, you will be out of your cage at least a couple times. We’ll see if I can resist. šŸ™‚

cm: Well, technically I have felt your pussy on my cock… the few times you’ve let me in your pussy with the cage on! It seems to me, though, that we are back on track for having me locked up until your birthday pretty much 24/7 (except for maintenance issues, cage switching, etc.). Am I right about that?

Lady: Yes, you are right about that. šŸ™‚ I’m sure there will be a couple of times you’ll be out by then for a good cage cleaning and a good shave. Though the shaving thing with the cage on I’ve got down. And I am really loving what it does to you when I get that cage inside me and especially if I cum around it. It must be super frustrating to barely feel me like that.

cm: It really is. Being that close to something I want where I can feel it, but I can’t have what I want is KILLING ME! My balls are feeling full and swollen, my cock aches nearly constantly, and I can’t help but get turned on when I simply look at you! The chastity effects are coming down full force on me this time around, and it’s your teasing and control that is causing it.

Lady: I really am loving how horny you are this time. I love your reactions. I’m getting so turned on myself because you are reacting so strongly to my teasing. You’re much more sexually charged and “hair trigger” and those reactions are boosting my self esteem and make me actually feel it when you say I’m sexy, beautiful or amazing. Can you see why I want to keep you locked up and on this path? I don’t want to lose how good it feels with you in this mega horny state. That’s why I want to keep you locked so long this time, to see just how “hair trigger” you can get. I know you want to be my good boy and wait for that, right? šŸ˜‰

cm: Honestly? YES!!! It’s starting to become difficult to maintain my sanity, but that’s okay. I know that you are worth the wait and that you will make it worth the wait when it is over. And you are definitely worth submitting to. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lady: Awww look how sweet my boy is… you are a smart boy and you’re right, it’s all going to be worth it. Feeling my tight pussy wrapped around your cock in April is going to be amazing!

I’m glad your so obsessed with feeling my pussy because, if you remember, that’s all you get then. Your next chance to cum isn’t until June. šŸ™‚

Boy, oh, boy is this ever going to be fun! šŸ™‚


3 responses to “Conversations in Chastity: Early Parole?

  1. I loved the conversation here. I loved they way it was written out. This is how this lifestyle was supposed to me. CM being highly orgasmic with no release, any commenting about it only feeds Lady and rejuvenated her desire to keep him locked. I loved seeing this written down. Keep at it!


  2. The feeling of being severely teased in the midst of a period of chastity and denial isn’t a feeling that you can experience from any other cause. It’s incredible, isn’t it?


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