So Much For Two Months….

On Sunday night, My Lady and I sat down together for a few drinks while watching some TV together. We probably should have prepared a little more for the drunkenness ahead, because in the past these types of “drinking nights” have led to weaknesses in ML’s resolve. In other words… when we get drunk together, we usually end up fucking no matter what the chastity situation is. Sometimes I’m a good boy and I hold back when ML denies me. Sometimes ML needs to feel it and she allows me to cum inside her. We felt that we had some added extra security, knowing that it was ML’s time of the month. Would this time be different? Well…

After a few drinks, kisses, and horny touches, My Lady began to tell me how badly she wanted to have a nice hard cock inside her. I told her I’d be happy to oblige, but I couldn’t unless she released me. At first she shook her head and told me that I should go get the strap on instead, but then she seemed to soften up a bit. She talked about how she really did miss my cock, the hardness of my shaft combined with the softness of my skin. Then I asked her the fateful question of the night…

“Would you be mad if you happened to pass out drunk, if I unlocked myself and fucked you?”

And she thought about it!

This comes back to a post ML wrote about whether or not she wants me to disobey her. We’ve talked about it before, and so I kinda already knew where she stood. But I had to ask anyway.

She responded with a long “Hmmmmm…”

Then she reached behind her neck and took the chain that holds my key off of her neck. I looked at her with a confused and excited face. “If you’re going to do it, I figured I’d start you off. But you gotta get me to drink more first.” She smiled at me. I jumped off the couch and poured her another glass of wine. While I was up, she also told me to get a porn DVD that we got for free with an online sex toy purchase.

WTF??? We’re going to watch porn together? I thought. But there was no way I was going to argue. I popped the DVD in and we started to watch.

We watched the first few scenes, and slowly both of us began to realize something – the movie wasn’t all that great. I mean, yeah, it was porn, so we were both getting horny… but it could have been so much better. The girls were obviously faking it (except for one girl-on-girl scene, one of the chicks was REALLY getting into it, you could tell!), and the guys were not even doing a good job with their dicks. I said casually to ML, “Man, I could fuck you so much better than that and make it look so much better.”

She whispered in my ear, “Oh yeah? Show me.” My eyes shot wide open. I asked if she was sure; she nodded. In an instant, the key was in my hand working on the security screw on my Jailbird. My cock sprang out and was fully hard in seconds.

So much for being locked in the cage 24/7 for two months!

I was ready to fuck her immediately, only one problem – the dreaded cycle. What to do? My Lady had a wonderful suggestion:

“Why don’t you just fuck my ass?”

Well then! Sounds like a plan to me!

I lubed us both up and slowly slid my cock into her tight ass. We both moaned loudly as I sunk in further. I was still wearing the ring of the Jailbird, so my cock was extra full and hard, and she definitely felt the difference. I fucked her ass slowly, making sure not to cum and ruin the ENTIRE chastity plan and start over at square one. But as we went on, the alcohol started to get my head swimming, which pushed my urge to cum at bay. Soon I was fucking her pretty hard in the ass, and she was loving it.

We stopped, and we planned to take a shower together. I stood up and ML went to get the DVD out of the player, which is located on a floor level compartment of our entertainment center. All of a sudden, the animal in me took over and I came up behind her andย shoved my cock back into her ass. She moaned and squealed in that sexy “give it to me harder” way, so I did. HARD. FUCKING HARD. I pounder her until her face was pressed into the carpet. I pulled her hair as I thrusted into her. I slammed my cock into her as I spanked her ass and called her my anal fuck slut. And she loved every moment, asking for it harder and deeper. She really is an amazing woman. ๐Ÿ™‚

After washing off in the shower together, we staggered into the living room to remove all evidence of our alchohol/porn fueled sex romp (just in case the kids woke up early the next morning, lol). We snuggled in bed together, sans clothes and sans cage. It was wonderful.

The next morning, we got out of bed. ML looks at me and seriously asks me, “Did you fuck my ass last night?”

“Uhhhh, yeah!” I replied. “You don’t…”

She shook her head.

She didn’t remember ANY of it! She remembered the drinking and porn parts, but drew a total blank on the ass fucking!* I told her that was fucking hot, and she smiled a huge smile at me. I put my cage back on before heading downstairs, the two month plan destroyed but the four month plan very much still in play. And I ended up getting something I was craving very badly, but still I’m denied and needing to cum bad.

*Note: when ML reads this post, it will probably be the first time she hears about what happened. I didn’t give her many details when she asked what happened. So, look for her in the comments. She may have some interesting things to say about being my “anal fuck slut” for a night!

7 responses to “So Much For Two Months….

  1. This is why a time period is not good for my wife and I. I don’t really wear the chastity that much lately, but when we are in the role, there may be a time period, she may just say that I am not going to cum, that she is the only one getting pleasure, but in the end, it’s really up to her. If she decides to have sex and let me cum, that’s really her call; and that’s our rule. We play a little more of the devotional sex lifestyle. as much as I would like to en corporate chastity play, well, that’s still back on the burner ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway, alcohol always leads to a great time. More then half of the sexual encounters we have there is alchohol involved. The drunker you get the better the times! Everyone needs they monkey sex ๐Ÿ™‚ then even those without any drinks are very personal and passionate.


    • My Lady and I don’t use “deadlines” either; we feel it actually takes a little control away from her if we are both waiting for a certain date to arrive. We do use “maybe days” though, which are goals that we look to reach, but ultimately ML is in control and can unlock me or let me cum whenever she damn well pleases. ๐Ÿ™‚

      The whole “maybe day” thing helps me out much more than it does her, actually; I would not do well in a situation where there was no finish line at all in sight. It may actually be written in our agreement that ML is not obligated to let me cum on maybe day, but if she plans to delay my pleasure for more than a week past maybe day, she needs to let me know and set a new maybe day. This way I’m not sitting around obsessing over it, hoping every day might be the day, and ending up disappointed when it isn’t.


  2. Good! I am glad he has not come.

    I am male and it has been 6 weeks since I last came. But this is my choice, not my wife’s — though she respects my choice which is not to come. I find fucking more exciting and much more intense when I do not ejaculate — because an ejaculation is right away followed by a down period that I do not like.


  3. Well, nice to hear about how my night went haha! I vaguely remember the conversation about using the key and I remember taking off my necklace and putting it on the coffee table… I patted it as a tease. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do remember making fun of the dvd but everything kinda goes blank after that. That is, until I woke up and felt my sore asshole haha. I seriously don’t remember and I’m kinda sad there are no pics or video of it. I really would have liked to see myself being pounded in the ass like a dirty little slut. Hehe

    Oh well, next time?!?!


    • No, he was a good boy and did not cum without permission! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have an outstanding man who does NOT want to ruin the play by cumming when I have not given him the ok to do so! ๐Ÿ™‚


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