IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I placed our order from Steelworxx and got the email notification that it was on the way. Well ladies and gentlemen, the mailman delivered our package today! Steelworxx sent our package out from Germany on Jan 17th and 8 days later we have received it here in Northeast, USA. I know others have had issues with their packages being caught up in customs but apparently we had no issues with the post what so ever!

Our device came in a plain brown box with no obvious information on it. It was very discreet packaging, which I’m happy about. Especially when you have a kid who likely is the one to answer the door when the mailman asks for a signature. I also thought it was great that Steelworxx sent it with signature confirmation. The device was packed in the box very well and came in a black velvet bag embroidered with the Steelworxx logo. Also included with the device was a brass lock and key set which was unexpected.

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to try this on hubby. I’m very eager to put him through a “no lookie, no touchie” thing while being teased and denied. It’s going to be such a psychological mind fuck! I chose to get him the Revenge because it gives an enclosed feeling while still having the tip of the tube semi open for hygiene purposes.


The device itself is very nicely made, not too heavy, smooth and you can really feel the quality. So far I’m very pleased with it. I’m sure hubby can give a better idea of comfort of wear, how getting it on and what maintaining it is like once he’s in it and gets a feel for the device.

I’m really looking forward to this evening! I’ll add a picture of him in the device later when we get a chance to try it on.


2 responses to “IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I remember getting the CB6000 for the first time and my wife with me when opening the box. She was very surprised by it’s size. she didn’t know how I was going to fit. Obviously, I tried it on and used the lube as suggested but being excited about it made me a little bigger then normal flaccid and yes, it was crammed. But after an hour or so, and with the excitement down, thieving went to normal and I filled the device about half way. Maybe you just need to give it time. I would love a chastity just smaller than half of the CB6000. I want no growing room at all.
    It’s amazing how small the little guy can get. I am over 7 inches when fully erect but at it’s smallest, I would say maybe just over an inch long. Looks are deceiving.


  2. So cagedmonkey is not wearing the new device just yet. We’re tried to get it on and it seems we might need to try the “stocking method” to get all of hubby into the tube. Not having access to the shaft of the penis makes it difficult to give it any help down into the end of the tube. Over the next couple days we will attempt to get the device on and he well give it a try wearing it for a few hours while at home.

    The other thing is, I did order the base ring on the bigger side because I was paranoid of it being too small. We will definitely be ordering at least one size smaller but I quite possibly could order two of them in smaller sizes. We will see what I feel like doing!

    I’ll keep you guys posted as we work out the kinks and try to get cagedmonkey actually wearing the new device. 🙂


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