When the Kids Are Away – Mommy & Daddy Will D/s Play

Cagedmonkey and I have two wonderful kids. We love them to the ends of the earth, just like any other parent. Here we have it a little different than most because only our youngest attends traditional public school. We homeschool our older child which means even during school time we always have at least one child home with us. This week is winter break for the public school so both kids are home and going nuts because they really can’t get out of the house like they need to. They’ve been cooped up playing (fighting!) with each other and video games.

What this means is, mommy and daddy have had no time to themselves either. So today I made a few calls and found a local kids gymnastics place that is offering day camps this week. You better believe I signed them up for a class tomorrow. I know they will love it because they both love to run, jump and bounce around. It will be the perfect thing for the kids while giving cagedmonkey and I few hours to enjoy each other.

I’ve been craving a D/s scene, been craving that powerful feeling. I feel a desire to play with a helpless, vulnerable, desperate man. I feel like dominating him, using him, and in a way abusing him. I want to be able to use him in any room in the house that I want and I want to be able to speak and not have to worry the kids might wake up or hear. I want to be able to spank his sexy ass with my paddle and hear him yelp. I want to be able to use my strap-on on him bent over the side of the bed with his face smashed into the mattress. I want to hear his loud moans and hear him begging me to stop when I get caught up in the moment. I just want to be able to do whatever I want, however I want.

Yes, we did just go away for the weekend but that turned out to be rather vanilla. Which was outstanding and wonderful and amazing, don’t get me wrong. There is just something about being in our own home, with our toys and our bedroom. I want to be able to be comfortable using my things, especially my bed restraints! 🙂

I can imagine tomorrow after work is going to be something else for my locked up sexy boy. He’ll be made to please me in anyway I want him to. He will be treated like nothing more than my favorite overused sex toy. I simply cannot wait, I’m getting extremely wet thinking about it. My pussy is quivering thinking about getting him to a point of a moaning, whimpering, begging, crying mess.

Oh that’s so fucking hot!

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