Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby

I write this blog based on our experiences, feelings and general knowledge. I’m not a professional nor do I claim to be an expert. I do know that there are some feelings and emotions in this lifestyle that are pretty common. You don’t have to be a Domme or a Keyholder, all you have to be is a partner to someone who has fantasies.
In our contract, cagedmonkey and I are both required to share any and all fantasies with each other. No matter how crazy, absurd or off the wall they may seem. We are also required to listen to each others fantasies without judgement and with open-mindedness (is that a word?). There are two ways we can respond to fantasies, enthusiastically: “Ooo, damn baby that sounds great I want to try that!” Or accepting: “well, that’s interesting. I don’t think that’s something I’d be into, at least not right now but it is interesting.” This is when we can ask questions, see what the reasoning is behind the fantasy, spanking? humiliation? pain? etc and maybe see if there is even some aspect of it we might like to explore.

One thing someone can start to feel, when hearing your partners fantasies, is responsible. We instantly feel like we HAVE to fulfill said fantasies. We start to feel intimidated by the fantasies thinking we will never measure up. Well I’m here to set the record straight… just because someone has a fantasy does not mean it needs to be fulfilled or that they even want it fulfilled. Not everything can be done but the thought of some things is enough to get a guy to struggle against those cage bars! 🙂

There are several ways to handle a fantasy. Some are like, “Woohoo! I want to do that right now!” Others are like, “well, let’s look in to how to do that right but it sounds awesome so let’s explore.” Some might be like, “I’m not sure I’m into all of that but I did like __________ and I would love to try that part.” And still others are like, “Holy shit you cray cray in the hay hay!” Those fantasies may be better off left as a fantasy inside your nutty little head. Haha however that’s not to say those “head fantasies” cannot be used later to mindfuck your partner.

My point in all of this (mostly to the newer Keyholder or partner in charge) is to remind everyone that we are not at all responsible for fulfilling fantasies. We certainly can, and will I’m sure, but it is in no way a requirement of any relationship. They can be just as fun fulfilled as they are talked about.

So now… what are your fantasies? I’m putting out a request, I’d love to hear one of your favorite fantasies that has been fulfilled, that you wish was fulfilled or that is just a really hot thought in your head.

Please leave a comment or send us an email! 🙂


8 responses to “Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby

  1. Chastehub, your ideas are similar to some of mine. Being forced to lick my cum from her was a fantasy that was first fulfilled way back in the beginning of our foray into real chastity and control. It was after a month of being locked up, and I was restrained on the bed…she had been sitting on my face, teasing my (her) cock while I licked her. Then, she turned around and impaled herself on my cock- “Do not cum. You are not allowed to cum. If you cum in my pussy I am going to sit on your face and make you lick it all back out of me.”

    It was a secret fantasy that I’d been hiding for years, I had never told her about it and I had no intention of doing so- it would have been utterly humiliating to admit to her that such a thing had ever crossed my mind. I *knew* that I wouldn’t ‘like’ it, not in the usual sense of the word, not the smell, or the taste…but the idea of being *forced* to do it was extremely erotic to me.

    But there I was, my arms were stretched out to the headboard and tied there, there was no way I could stop her if she really meant to do it. To be honest, I didn’t think she really *would* actually go through with it, I hadn’t thought her capable of even thinking of such a kinky, nasty thing, let alone doing it. She had this wicked, almost evil, smile on her face, she *knew* that she was going to make me cum even though she had told me that it was not allowed. I was already ‘on the edge’, we had not discussed ‘safewords’…if she truly meant to do it there was nothing I could do to prevent it. What if she *did* mean it? I had all I could do not to cum just from that thought alone.

    I lasted, oh, maybe one and a half strokes…and then had a mind-blowing orgasm. I thought we would be done, she would get off and she would be satisfied, laughing at how she had managed to screw with my head. She was laughing alright, as she slid off, using her finger to hold herself closed so that no cum would escape as she crawled up and positioned her crotch over my face!

    what??!! No!! As erotic as it had been before orgasm, the idea was now completely repulsive. But she wrapped the fingers of both hands in my hair and pulled my face to her crotch , “Eat me! Lick every drop of cum out of my pussy!” And she kept on pulling my hair, harder and harder, until I started licking. It was nasty, I hated it…and I loved it. As I licked her to a screaming orgasm I realized that I was getting hard again- the fact that she was really forcing me to do it and getting off on it, and that I was completely helpless to stop her was getting me turned on again.

    I still hate it, and it still turns me on…even more so because I know that she *will* do it, and that she *likes* doing it.

    The fantasy is evolving, she has mentioned making me watch her with someone else and ‘cleaning up’ after while I am still hard, horny and *wanting*, wishing that *I* was the one fucking her…as yet, it remains in the realm of fantasy- she is still too inhibited…but I sense that those inhibitions are weakening…and I get hard thinking about it…


  2. Being locked in chastity 24×7 was a fantasy at one time, now it is a reality, so that one has been fulfilled. Like so many, i fantasize about being forced to eat my cum from her, but that fantasy loses its appeal the minute i cum inside her. And i wouldn’t mind exploring pegging, but i don’t think she’ll go there.

    i have a lot of bondage fantasies. i have a thing for handcuffs and leg irons, and years ago we played with those, so i guess that one has been fulfilled. Being tied to the bed and teased is one we still play with from time to time, so that one too has been fulfilled.

    Two bondage fantasies that fascinated me growing up were crucifixion and pillory / stocks. i fantasize about being at a bondage club and tied to a cross for a brief period where i am naked and helpless for all to see, and teased sexually as i struggle to free myself from the pain. i fantasize about being “arrested” at a renaissance festival and locked in the pillory, hunched over, or in the stocks with my bare feet exposed, while the crowd humiliates and tickles me.

    And i fantasize about strappado bondage in conjunction with a leg spreader; the idea of being forced over with head at crotch height and looking down at the feet of my tormentor while She has full access to my back, ass and legs for whipping, my mouth for oral and my ass for anal, makes strappado intriguing.

    Crucifixion, pillory / stocks and strappado fall in your cray cray in the hay hay category, but those fantasies push my buttons.


    • Chastehub, thanks for your comment! Honestly, none of what you said is in that category for me… Though not much is anymore with this new style of thinking that I’ve adopted. 🙂

      Keep those fantasy juices flowing because it helps keep it all fun and exciting!


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