Mail Chastity – Your Questions

Time again for another round of “Mail Chastity” where we tackle the topics that are on your mind. As always, these are real questions from real readers. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have; your question just may be featured in our next Mail Chastity post!

Click on the contact page in the top left corner for email info, or simply just to see a great pic of My Lady’s beautiful breasts perfectly framing the key to my chastity cage.  😉

Q: Are there any medical concerns involved with being locked up so frequently?

Hmmmm….. good question. There are some medical issues that should be addressed when considering long term and/or frequent wearing of a chastity device. Most of these issues are not very severe if tended to.

The most common occurrence would be skin irritation where the cage sits, either around the scrotum or on the shaft of the penis. This can be avoided by using a properly fitting cage and proper lubrication to allow movement of the cage while walking. Skin irritation, if left unchecked, can lead to blisters and skin ulcers which risk being infected. You don’t want that.

Another common condition that is often seen with open-style devices (Birdcage/Jailbird/etc.) is edema, or localized swelling due to fluid buildup. This happens when the penile tissue expands into the open spaces of the cage. This isn’t the “hardon bulge” I’m talking about… that is completely normal, especially when your keyholder is deliberately turning you into a sex-crazed lunatic. Edema occurs when your erection goes away, but the swelling and fluid remain. This can be fixed by rubbing and massaging the area to promote circulation… just be careful not to enjoy it TOO much and piss off your keyholder! Edema, when not dealt with in time, can cause tissue damage and possible erectile dysfunction if it becomes serious enough.

The issues I have described in the linked posts were not related directly to wearing the chastity device. There were… ahem… other factors involved.

Q: How does chastity effect the day-to-day basis of your life?

To be honest, not all that much. The main difference is that I get crazy horny as time goes on. Duh. Other than that, the cage doesn’t get in the way much. I can play with my children without incident – I try to avoid having them sit on my lap, but they are old enough now where that’s not a big worry. Work is not a problem, even though my job requires frequent walks around the room, as well as sitting and standing. Other than the fact that I’m goddamn-motherfucking-all-batshit-flames-of-hell horny all the time, my life proceeds pretty much in a normal fashion.

Q: How do you decide what to post? Is it a joint effort?

My Lady does most of the posting on the blog, for two reasons. First, she is a major control freak… which she will freely admit, hence the FLR lifestyle. Second, she usually has the most time to post, given that she is a stay-at-home mom with a Galaxy Note 2 surgically attached to her hand. However, we both collaborate on what themes and ideas to post about. Very often, we will be discussing a particular aspect of our lifestyle, and either of us will say, “We should totally write a blog post about this.” She usually just beats me to the punch. We do really enjoy doing the “He Said, She Said” and “Conversations” posts… they are lots of fun, and they give our readers great insight on the types of conversations we have and that we consider necessary in order make this lifestyle run smoothly.


4 responses to “Mail Chastity – Your Questions

  1. Regarding your comment about day to day wear of the JB. I play serious tennis 4 to 5 times a week and I am in a cb6000s. Unfortunately, she must release me from the device prior to every match, which is a real pain and almost renders the device useless. There is no way I could stay in my cb6000s during a match due to all the pinching that would occur.
    Therefore my question is, if I was in a JB, would I be able to play tennis with it on?


    • Good question, Zax. I’m honestly not sure how well you would tolerate the JB during serious physical activity. I’ve gone to the gym and ran a mile or so on the treadmill with the JB on, but playing sports like tennis or basketball are very different. My instinct would be to say it wouldn’t work too well due to the weight of the steel, but I don’t know for sure. I will say that the JB would give you your best chance of all the steel cages because it is most likely the lightest.

      My suggestion would be to do a little practice run with it on, but also with an emergency key in your possession, as well as the understanding of your KH that you might need to de-cage if there is a comfort issue. Give it a try, but be safe!


  2. Interesting article. I hadn’t known about the edema issue. Real glad I ordered the fully enclosed Steelheart from Steelworxx. Arrived a few days ago and a pleasure to wear, just wonderful the feeling as it swings my balls around as I scrub the loo etc.

    I do challenge that these devices are about chastity though. Most can be pulled out from, so you can masturbate if you choose. If you want chastity you have simply to keep you hands off your dick, surely. No, for me a device like the Steelheart is about submission and ownership. Once this is locked on and I’ve given the key to my Queen, I am hers. That is exactly how I want it. Sounds like ownership and total submission is what you two are about too.

    Good luck with the Revenge – Dietmar makes fabulous cages.



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