Where Do You Buy Your Sex Toys?

There are so many websites out there selling sex toys, how is a person to know which ones are reputable, secure, trustworthy or have good customer service?

I have purchased toys from a few different places now and I haven’t had any issues. The one place I love getting stuff is through Athena’s Home Novelties because they have such a large variety of items. They also sell Coochy Shave Cream and man, that stuff is awesome. No razor burn or rashes after shaving… such smooth moisturized skin after! Their stuff is delivered in discrete packaging and shipping time has always been fantastic.

You can even find a local Athenas rep and host a party and earn party host rewards and all that good stuff. Doing things that way can sometimes save on shipping since the party order can be ordered together. Though you can order right from the website as well.

One of the other things is, that usually every month they have these great deals where you get hundreds of dollars worth of products for real cheap. They include at least 1 sex toy and just a bunch of other things. Currently there is one going until mid February.
Haha get it Submit to Savings! Cute, huh?

Anyway, the whole reason in writing this post is because this is a good website, with good products, good customer service and it’s a business you can trust!

***Please note: I am merely reviewing a site where I purchase toys. This is in no way my business, nor are we receiving any compensation for this post. It’s simply a good business and I felt they deserved some recognition.


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