Mommy, What’s This?

OMFG! Cagedmonkey was unlocked for our anniversary so we hid the JailBird in the back of a drawer no one ever goes in. Sure enough, out walks our 8yo daughter with the steel cock cage in her hand asking, “Mommy, What’s this? It looks like a metal sock!”

Holy crap! Hahaha so freaking funny… I think my hubby and I both about wanted to die! I just told her, “yup, it sure does look like a sock!” And daddy quickly says “it’s a piece to something for the plumbing” haha not totally untrue… just that it goes to HIS plumbing.

Oh man that was freakin hilarious! That’ll teach us to put our toys away when we’re not using them! 😀


4 responses to “Mommy, What’s This?

  1. That is always one of my fears that my kids were going to find some of our toys, or videos. Luckily the few times we left them out the kids never saw them!


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