Male Chastity & Cuckolding

We wanted to write a post about cuckolding because a lot of assumptions are that couples who engage in male chastity are almost always into cuckoldry. This is actually not the case. While it seems that traditional cuckolding is more popular these days in the world of kink is not a necessity of couples who practice male chastity. It’s definitely not something we get into… in the traditional sense – which I’ll explain in a moment. Being a cuckoldress or “HotWife,” in my opinion, takes some emotional sacrifice. I’m not the person who can have sex with someone without some emotional connection. I’m also not into sharing my toys, but that’s another story.

So what exactly is cuckolding?
I got this text from The Daily Beast and I feel like it describes it pretty well.

Cuckoldry is defined as a wife’s infidelity. Chaucer and Shakespeare characterized it as the ultimate shame. So perhaps it’s no surprise that today it’s developed into a fairly popular fetish. The Internet is rife with husbands enthusiastically soliciting other men—often larger, hotter, sexier men than themselves—to have sex with their wives while they watch.

“The high point of cuckolding is when your wife says she wants the other guy all the time and never wants you.”

This isn’t like swinging, and it’s not a threesome. Cuckolded men (aka “cucks”) only observe their wives’ infidelities, they don’t participate. And that’s why they find it a turn-on: They’re left out, looking on as the woman they love climaxes with a better man than them. It’s a form of psychological sadomasochism. Some people get turned on by whips, chains, and physical pain. Cucks get aroused by mental anguish.

Cuckolding is rapidly emerging as the alt-sex fetish of choice for American intellectuals. Just check out the online forums like, where letter-perfect postings celebrate cuckoldry as a cerebral pursuit, transcending ordinary voyeurism and S&M as a dangerous game involving jealousy, misery, gratitude, shame, sharing, sublimation, lust, and trust.

Now, I’d mentioned that we aren’t into cuckolding in the traditional sense and that’s because I feel like this type of thing, being as psychological as it is, can come in many different forms. Our “pseudo-cuckolding” is more of a humiliation/jealousy thing in regards to the husband. Let me tell you a little about what the fetish is for us. And maybe this isn’t cuckolding at all but, whatever, did I ever say I was an expert? 🙂

So, for us, the thing that gets my hubby the most is knowing, in very great detail (reading/pics/video), about another having what he is aching to have. In this case an erection, being able to touch himself and of course an orgasm. Think about that guy friend of yours who was sleeping with every girl he could and telling you all about his encounters when you couldn’t even get a date with your own hand.

It’s one thing to talk about another man getting those things but what really drives this fetish home is having a “boy-friend” willing to brag like crazy to cagedmonkey all about getting hard, even morning wood, stroking himself and of course squirting that hot load of cum wherever he wants!

This is where we’ve made things interesting. I’ve made “friends” with a boy who is just a young horny little thing and loves to stroke himself multiple times a day. He also loves to talk and brag about that fact, so he works perfectly into my little plan of jealousy. What brings the humiliation and pseudo-cuckoldry into it is the fact that I make cagedmonkey email this particular boy-friend with erotic photos of me and he has to ask this guy to enjoy the pictures of his wife and to stroke his cock and cum from them. He then has to email and thank him for doing so. In return the boy-friend will then email him back to brag all about what it felt like to have an erection while looking at me, to stroke while imagining cumming on my big beautiful tits and then to explode cum from his cock in response. Even sending pictures of his erect penis, hand mid-stroke and end result. Videos of those things happening are also fantastic ways to frustrate my locked up man.

These online (and sometimes text message) encounters can be very frustrating and, at the same time, arousing to cagedmonkey. There is also great potential in making things much worse for him if there was ever to be a speakerphone conversation!

Could you imagine if we ever met up with this boy-friend in person and he pulled his nice hard cock out in front of us, stroked it and came? It just makes me giggle thinking about it. 🙂

There are many ways to make a fantasy or fetish work for you… even if you aren’t into it in the traditional sense. Sometimes you just need to think out of the box and keep your fantasies alive and kickin’. Then again some fantasies are better left in the mind and worked in words. Whatever makes you an your partner happy is what you should be doing!



4 responses to “Male Chastity & Cuckolding

  1. I have fantasized about my wife cuckolding me for a long time. The masochist inside of me is turned on by another male having more sexual rights than I (and deliberately downgrading my husband privileges), which sounds kinda like the situation you have worked out with your ‘boy toy’. I am curious: how did that situation surface (how did you meet him, know about him, etc.). That does seem like something that would turn me on, and seems like “cuckold light”.

    My wife pushes these buttons from time to time by pointing out men that are “hot” to her. I like the emotions that arise, as I have some sort of drive to up the ante and compete for her. True story, we went to a fancy hotel and got a couples massage. The dude that massaged me was fat and hairy, but the dude that massaged her was young and fit. Turned me on to no end, knowing that another man was touching her and seeing a bit of her private parts (maybe touching her ass too). I could totally see me wife next time saying that she needed both of them to be men. Ha!


    • Well cagedmonkey and I talked about what it was that “got him” about the whole thing and he realized it wasn’t that he wanted anyone touching me but that he kinda got off on the “nah nah look what I can do & you can’t thing” meaning his own erection or orgasm. So in knowing what your boundaries are and exactly what you’re looking for you could do a few things to find that perfect person willing to play with you. Talking to like minded friends who might be interested in what you’re looking for, placing an ad, of course, or something as simple as meeting a friend on and chatting until you realize you have similar interests. It wasn’t that we went out specifically looking for someone… it was more like those someones just happened and the relationships go how they will. 🙂 It really just comes up in conversation and then goes from there! I hope this helps! 🙂


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