My Revenge – Steelworxx

Just a short note to say that I placed an order to Steelworxx for the Revenge. We want a second device with less access so this one looks good for us.

He is based in Germany but his website says turn around time is 4 weeks… hopefully the device is done within the 4 weeks and then shipping doesn’t take too long!

So I ordered it on Saturday and got an email that the order was sent & received by the system. Dietmar (the owner) then contacted me by email today (usually within one business day) once he got the order and agreed that he can make our custom device. He then sent me an invoice for either a bank transfer or PayPal payment. I sent ours through PayPal. It was pretty simple, when sending the money I just chose EUR so he was paid in Euros.

The Revenge was actually cheaper, including shipping, than the Mature Metal Jail Bird. I just hope the quality is the same or better.

Well, I’ll keep you posted once we get the device! 🙂 Should be very interesting!


12 responses to “My Revenge – Steelworxx

  1. KH and i are in the process of finalizing our side of things, and will be placing an order likely today =D only having experience with a Bon4, we are both really looking forward to getting this started. i’ve been searching for experiences like this over on chastitymansion and thru google (where i found this blog). It’s nice to see something “current” and only a few weeks difference of a timelinefor ordering. i will for sure be following this blog and will likely have one for KH and i shortly.

    We have decided on this setup and i will be measuring and emailing after this post.

    Steelheart, plus these add-ons
    + Anatomical ring
    + Penis plug *for all cb’s
    + Fixing made of rubber (the noose that prevents slipping out)

    Have You and monkey received the cage yet?
    Any tips on proper fit/measurments, if so?
    Althought i have yet to experience Steelworxx, i have heard TONS of good feedback since i discovered his site years ago. Only good things =)


  2. When I started looking at a custom chastity cage, I was considering a SteelHeart cage, but when I showed it to my KH, and gave her the option of which cage to buy, she chose the Jail Bird over the SteelHeart.


  3. Nice. I’m contemplating buying a Steelworxx device myself, just not sure which one yet. I like the look of the Steelheart, but not sure whether my KH would approve.


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