I Can Do It One Handed

I may have had shoulder surgery but that’s not exactly stopping me from A. Cumming or B. My WLM/Dominating. I will say that cagedmonkey is doing a fantastic job picking up my slack and doing the things I can’t. It started off rough and he didn’t think he could do it but I think he relaxed a bit and found that things don’t have to be perfect or exactly my way. When I ask that things get done, I just want them done. He’s been great about taking care of the kids and getting them to their activities. He’s been cooking most of the meals and even helps me bathe and get dressed. Like I said, he’s basically being my Super subby hubby! 🙂 I couldn’t be more proud of him, pleased with his service, his dedication and how hard he is working! Love this guy!

With all that said, I did mention that it sure isn’t stopping me from getting my orgasms and certainly isn’t getting him any. He had a little “free” time last week but has been back in his jail Bird and his next unlocking won’t be until January 18th. It’s not a definite orgasm day for him but I might give him a chance to cum at least. 😉

Today has been quite the subby day for him. He’s begging to do anything I ask of him. He is craving my direction and awaiting my orders. Aside from his chores, he was required to wear the njoy for a few hours today as well as service me right when I ask. I went upstairs to put away some clothes and had to call him up to help… he asked what I needed help with and I simply said “my pussy needs to be licked.” He immediately got on his knees and made me cum twice – and, to praise him, he even dealt with our daughters homeschool questions while doing it! 🙂 Awesome!

Is that service or what?

Tonight we have some celebrating to do in the midst of a very Dom/sub kinda day. We will be having some drinks tonight and having a while lot of kinky fun! 🙂

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