Mail Chastity – Questions from our inbox

A gentlemen contacted us to ask some questions about our WLM & chastity and I thought I’d share incase others had similar questions.

“Is it just an at home lifestyle? Did is happen right away or did it build to a FLM?”
Our WLM is an everyday, all day thing… our relationship has always been one where I took care of everything – financially, phone calls, Dr appts, anything with the kids, etc. We do make big decisions together, where to live, buying a car and that kind of thing. Usually I have the final say in most things though.

“Is it D/s?”
Just so you know wlm & D/s don’t need to go together but yes part of our relationship is D/s. Our sexual relationship is fully D/s and it will only trickle into daily life if we talked about it specifically where my Dominance will be an entire day thing. Hope that makes sense.

“Did chastity come first? and did it contribute to this decision?”
Chastity most definitely didn’t come first. We’ve been flr since we met – I’m a control freak hehe. We had gotten to a bad place in our relationship, we worked hard to repair it and in the repairing made a promise to be honest and share every fantasy. Hubby brought up the chastity thing and, at first, I wasn’t into it. Part of our promise was to be open minded about fantasies so I started to research and found, after about 4 months, that I really loved the idea and that’s how the whole chastity thing began. 

“How did you get it to work?….. We tried it before and it only lasted a month. It seemed rushed and not natural”
Some people are not naturally dominant so to have a wlm they do need to work at it, take it slow, step by step. Once we realized what our relationship was and that chastity was to be a part of it we created an agreement. That’s been a huge help in getting things to go smoother and “work.” It’s still a work in progress and probably always will be. We will continue to go over our agreement to change things. We have added things, adjusted things and taken things out. It’s not a perfect science, there is no one way to do things… it’s what works for a particular couple and no two relationships will look the same.

Thanks for your questions and please feel free to email and ask anything you like. Most things are not too personal and we love the interaction.

How to hear from you!


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