He Said, She Said – Flipped the Power Switch

cagedmonkey: A few days ago, My Lady was laying on the couch with me, teasing the cock with her talented mouth, when she began to partake in one of her newfound pleasures – deepthroating me and making herself gag. She looked up at me as she did it, and was she ever beautiful. I reached out to pull her closer to me, and then all of a sudden we both felt the mood change.

At almost the same moment that I began to move my hand up, My Lady guided my hand to the top of her head. I began to slowly push her farther down, forcing her to gag harder on me. She looked up at me and nodded. I needed no further invitation.

The Power Switch had taken effect.

My Lady and I are almost always in an FLR situation, however we do both like to switch every so often; I like to feel what it is like to be in control while she enjoys the feeling of not being responsible for her own actions. Oddly, these urges seem to coincide, as they did on this particular night.

I started my lifting my hips off the couch, sliding my cock deeper into her throat – and it was MY COCK this time. 🙂 She choked and gagged on my thick cock, trying hard not to back off of it but failing to subdue her reflexes. I pushed her down with my hand further, forcing her to take it. When I pulled her mouth off of me, her eyes were watering and drool was pouring out of her mouth onto my cock.

I lifted her up and told her to lie on the couch. Then I got on top of her and shoved my cock inside her tight horny pussy. I fucked her hard; “pounded her pussy” would be a good way to describe it. I talked dirty to her – I called her my fucking slut, asked her how much she loved to be fucked by my big cock, told her to beg for it harder. And she did. When I told her I was going to make her suck her pussy juices off of my cock, she whimpered, “no, please, no Sir.” And so….

(During past attempts at dominating ML, I’ve had trouble with this part – doing something that I want to do that ML says no to. There are some things we’ve talked about that are ABSOLUTELY NO’s that we both agree on, but there are also soft no’s. This was one of them.)

… I pulled out of her dripping wet pussy and, without hesitation, pushed my shiny cock right into her slutty little mouth. I fucked her mouth like she was my whore, because at that moment, she was. I was not her sub, her plaything. She was my fucktoy, to use as I wished.

I continued to fuck her hard, pounding her deep, spanking her ass as I pushed her face into the couch cushions. From the sounds she was making, I could tell she loved every minute of it. And afterwards, I gave My Lady the aftercare that she so badly needed, telling her that I loved her, and that I was so proud of her for letting me use her like that and trusting me to do so. I held her close to me, kissed her softly… and again, she came while we laid there together.

(It’s so awesome when she cums sponatneously like that!!!!)

I was very surprised and proud of myself afterwards. I had never been so dominating with her before. Previously, I was always like, “Yeah, I’m gonna use you… um, if it’s okay with you.” This time I was like, “You’re mine, and I’m fucking you the way I want to… the way I would fuck a dirty little slut, because that is what you are to me right now.” And, even more incredible…. I managed not to cum!!! I so badly wanted to – ML would have looked SOOOO nice with a load of hot cum dripping down her chin onto her tits – but, deep down, I always will be My Lady’s good boy. ML allows me to take control of her in this way, and to show gratitude I will never take advantage of that control to violate our core principles of chastity.

Lady: I’m naturally a dominant person so letting someone have the control over me that I allowed cagedmonkey to have takes an extreme amount of trust. The point is, is that we can have these times of Switching because I, in fact, do trust him. In 14 years he’s learned my limits and knows what is ok and not ok. He knows I know my safe word and trusts me that I will use them.

So the other night when we switched I certainly felt like I was a dirty naughty little slut. I gave him complete control, he forced his cock in my throat and made me gag on it. Grabbed my hair and my head and pulled me on to his cock and I felt like I was being used. Just a hole to be fucked. That night he took more control and forced me to do things he knew I really thought were gross and didn’t want to do… but I did them because he was in control. Making me clean off my own pussy juices and cum from his cock… so dirty. He was in control so I did as I was told, I said “yes, sir” like I was supposed to and took the hard fucking he gave me over and over because he was in control. 🙂

I was extremely proud of myself for giving up my control even for that time and super proud of my hubby for taking it and trusting that I would only take what I could truly handle.

I’m most proud of the fact that my cagedmonkey deep down is so devoted to me and my control over him that he continued to deny himself orgasm. He knew I didn’t want him to cum yet and even in the Dominant role when he could have he didn’t want to disappoint me.

These are some of the reasons I love this man more and more every day! Such a good boy, a respectful, wonderful, amazing, committed boy! My boy! ❤

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