My Well Used Sex Toy

The other night started like any other night of tease and denial. I told cagedmonkey to get a list of toys and other things I wanted to play with. I had him bring down our neck & wrist cuffs to restrain him and put the blindfold on. It’s been awhile since we’ve used the blindfold so it was fun to pick and choose which toys I wanted to use and cagedmonkey had no idea what I was doing next. With his hands restrained I unlocked his JailBird and let him out of his cage.


SportSheets neck & wrist restraints

I started out by lubing up the mini butt plug and cagedmonkey’s beautiful tight asshole. Yes, I love that ass of his, I’m sure you remember that from my previous ass post. He was blindfolded so he had no clue what I was inserting, a toy? the butt plug? the prostate massager? I just loved his reaction when I pushed it passed his tight opening. That gasp and moan that happens as the muscle is spread apart.

With his ass feeling filled up and his hands restrained I took the strap-on harness and put it just above his unlocked hard cock. I straddled him and sat down on the strap-on. I began riding the strap on on top of him while his cock flopped around behind me aching to feel me. Instead he just bumped against my ass as I bounced up and down, fucking myself with my dildo. Cagedmonkey was writhing around moaning as I rode myself to a nice orgasm 2 inches away from the cock that desperately wanted to be used.

I started talking to him, describing exactly what I was doing. Like using my dildo to cum and leaving his cock to lay there hard, aching and unused. I told him maybe I needed to have my ass filed up as well just like his. That’s when I grabbed his cock and lubed it up. I could tell even under the blindfold that his eyes were bugging in shock and his breathing got shorter and faster. I lifted up on my knees with the dildo still inserted, took his cock and found the tight sweet spot and sat ever so slowly and gently down taking his entire cock into my ass. He moaned and grunted so loud as I did. I slowly slid up and down and on the dildo and his cock, then faster and faster until I came again, I collapsed onto his chest, breathing heavy… my session was done.

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