Christmas Break – Chastity Vacation


Well Christmas has come and gone. Cagedmonkey was unlocked at about 8am on Christmas eve morning, endured almost 24 hours of teasing, edging and even penetration, before being allowed release. His gift Christmas morning was being allowed to cum inside me. I know he was very worried I was going to make him wait until next year for a release and honestly, I hadn’t made the decision if he would cum or not until about 5 minutes before whispering in his ear.

Since that initial release he’s had a little “vacation” from his chastity device. Since we live a 24/7/365 type chastity lifestyle, it’s rare he is out for more than a few hours at a time. He actually had a chance to leave the house and even go to work without his cage. It did take a good amount of trust on my part but I believe he was the good boy he said he was.

Today will end that little vacation he’s had and the orgasm free for all. The past few days he’s really been able to cum when he wants. Still not allowed to masturbate without permission and even though he didn’t have to, he still asked to cum each time. With the exception of this morning. He got home from work, came in and surprised me with a wet warm tongue in my ass, flipped my half-asleep ass over, licked my pussy and then slid his big thick cock inside and filled me again with his cum. I know it’s something he was looking forward to being able to do. Since he’s always locked it was a nice treat, I’m sure, to be able to come home and fuck his wife. 🙂

So as I said, today the monkey will be caged again with the knowledge that he will not have a chance at release until our anniversary in mid January.



3 responses to “Christmas Break – Chastity Vacation

  1. Cagedmonkey is simply lucky to get a break. My wife has not given me a single break in the last 18 months. I am released only during sex, and am locked immediately after sex.


  2. My goodness… I’m envious as hell! Cagedmonkey is a fortunate man. I’ll be caged though the holiday season (and indefinitely, as far as I know, in the coming year), and no penetration, or even a taste of pussy so far, as a Christmas present. However, CH has hinted at some major league teasing over the weekend. I’m definitely looking forward to that!


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