I’ve Got Big Balls!

Sorry, ACDC, but you have nothing to complain about here. Call me when you’ve been locked in a chastity cage and denied orgasm for over two weeks.

My balls are really starting to swell up HUGE. My Lady has kept me in the Jailbird for over two weeks now with minimal time out and absolutely no orgasms. I have spent plenty of time pleasing her and she has spent plenty of time teasing me. And now my balls are significantly larger than I’ve noticed in the past. I actually have to make sure I’m not peeing on them when it’s time to urinate!

I’m not sure of the specific cause of this. Part of it is almost certainly being denied orgasms or draining of any cum whatsoever, as ML has not milked me at all during this latest stretch. I’m pretty much leaking precum constantly at this point, but that is nowhere near achieving the draining I need so badly. I am sure that when (if?) ML lets me cum on Christmas, it is going to be an extremely heavy load. 🙂

I’m also wondering if my balls are looking bigger because my scrotum is being pulled by the cage. When ML teases me, my attempted erection pushes the cage up pretty far on “the equipment” down there, giving the skin around my balls a pretty good stretch. I feel a lot less discomfort with the JB than I did in the Birdcage, but the pull is still pretty strong. During these times, my balls feel large and extremely full, and they turn a deep shade of red. All is well as far as circulation goes – ML has taken a liking to massaging them in this state to make sure blood flow is acceptable (at least that’s her excuse).

My gigantic balls are probably a result of both factors – storing up a large load of cum waiting to be released, and the tight squeezing from the cage every time the cock tries to assert itself. One thing is for sure – they are very sensitive in this state, and I often find it impossible to hold back my moans when ML rubs them. She takes quite delight in that!

4 responses to “I’ve Got Big Balls!

  1. Mine seem to vary, day by day, when I’m denied… I’m pretty sure that the cage and ambient temperature have a lot to do with them getting bigger. Even though they feel like they fill up when you aren’t allowed to come, your balls don’t store any ejaculate, but only produce sperm and testosterone. Sperm makes up only a very small part of a typical ejaculation. The bulk of the fluids in your cum originates in the seminal vesicles and prostate. I don’t know much about the seminal vesicles, but I do know that the prostate is self regulating, in that once it’s full of prostatic fluid, it drains any excess, either into the urine when we pee, or releases it in an event like a wet dream. After a few weeks of denial with no ruined orgasms, I notice that I piss out a big slug of whitish fluid when I try to drain my bladder completely.


    • Well cagedmonkey sure isn’t doing anything with his cut off seminal vessels lol

      I know that he isn’t really storing up anything but that they just FEEL swollen from the “blue balls” and in sure there is a little pressure from the prostate… they definitely feel fuller/swollen when he’s like this and fill up his sack but there is nothing in there causing it, medically speaking! 🙂

      He’ll survive no matter how long I keep him denied hehe


      • I agree… They do “feel” fuller, but I think it’s because 1) we’re thinking about them all the time, and 2) we imagine all that cum (even tho’ it’s not there) backing up and backing up until they’re swollen and aching to be drained


  2. Great experience! My balls also grow bigger when I am not released for more than 10-15 days and then they hold me cage even more tight-fit. Gradually I have started liking this! I think my brain accepted chastity wholeheartedly. I enjoy it!!


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