From the Archives – The Day She Became the Keyholder!

Once in a while, for fun, Lady and cagedmonkey will go back through their communication book and revisit experiences, thoughts, feelings and ideas they had. The communication book was something they started for and with each other at the beginning of this journey. These posts will be written exactly as they are in the book.

The following entries are about the day CM handed over the keys!


ML: “OMG!! Last night you decided to give me your key! You handed over complete control! I wasn’t expecting it or really ready with what to say or do. It was unexpected and empowering at the same time! I have been more than ready to take the control and the responsibility. I’ve been waiting to officially become your Keyholder. I really, truly appreciate the level of trust you have in me and I promise to be an awesome Keyholder. Well as best as I can!

The craziest thing is that we’ve only had the cage since Saturday and by Sunday night you were handing the keys! You wore the cage for 7 hours + straight yesterday and even through the Emergency Room visit with darling daughter! Like a champ I might add.

After a pretty amazing night with lots of talking I took my cock out of his cage because he did such a good job in there during the day and through the teasing last night too! I wanted him to know that, when I want, he will get out and he may even get to cum the way I want him to. I loved watching while making my cock cum all over my hand last night. I don’t often get to see it. After I let my cock have a little release, right back in the cage he went. You’ve been sleeping in the cage all night so I guess we’ll see how you’re doing mentally and physically when you wake up. 🙂

P.S. I loved seeing, feeling and tasting the cock in his cage while we were 69 and you were servicing my pussy. – Oy! I have more feelings that I just thought of! Will write later.”

CM: “I wasn’t expecting to give you my keys last night, but I just needed to. It felt right. I know it was the right thing to do. And I feel great about it!

This feels amazing – I feel safe with you. I enjoyed servicing you and pleasing you last night. I’m starting to get the whole “focus on you” thing, but I’m glad that you enjoy hearing about my frustration, etc. You’ll be hearing plenty about it!

I think I’m going to work on my ‘list’ before playing with the kids. I love you!”

ML: I just wanted to get this written down. Last night after you have me your key I had a slightly different feeling about some things. When I straddled your lap and had your face in my big boobies and made you suck and kiss them and was I was kissing you deep and hard from above I felt this real feeling of ‘oh he looks so good servicing me.’ I haven’t ever used those words and really felt them but last night they seemed to come naturally!

I love you so much and I’m still excited about how everything is going! ❤ You're my best friend and I couldn't be this without you!"


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