Holding Up My End of the Bargain – Discipline

When cagedmonkey and I started out on this journey we came up with an agreement, typed it up, printed, signed and dated it. In our agreement we set up guidelines for discipline. I’m not going to get into what they all are here but they’re pretty simple. Follow the rules or two things may happen, you may receive a “Correction” for minor offenses (ie: getting sassy with me, being lazy etc) or a “Punishment” for major infractions such as breaking any part of the agreement.

Again, these are things we agreed on, not something I decided that he had no say in. It’s not like I was all “I’m going to spank you with a paddle if you are a bad boy and there is nothing you can say about it.” We thought these things through and its what we feel is best for our relationship.

I was chatting with a like minded friend and his wife recently and we talked about how hubby’s and wives often times get irritated with each other and out of fear of their spouses reaction they don’t say anything. Those feelings tend to hang around and grow and fester and resentment builds. I know this from a lot of experience.

Cagedmonkey and I are both guilty of doing this for quite awhile in our own marriage. The great thing about adding discipline into our marriage is that those things that irritate me/us can be talked about, let go of and resolved within a short period of time and no need for any resentment.

On to why I’m writing with this post. You see, I’m not some cold hearted bitch who is into beating my hubby into submission. Rather I’d like to never have to discipline him! I don’t like it and I don’t want to have to do it. With that said, I signed that agreement too that said I would hold up my end of the agreement. If a “rule” is broken I must provide a correction for the behavior or a punishment.

Up until now I’ve only had to give one punishment for having an orgasm without permission. Whew! That was an easy one! Hubby got one week not being allowed something he really enjoys, which meant he was not allowed to look at or touch my breasts. He’s obsessed with them so this was a difficult punishment for him. 😉

I’m finding that it is much more difficult to give a correction than a punishment! Tonight hubby will be receiving a correction for being lazy and more specifically for not following through on something that was asked of him. I’ve chosen to give him a good spanking for it. Plus, well I’ve been craving spanking his sexy ass so well it’s a good choice. Yum!

My point is, it’s not always easy for the wives in a Wife Led Marriage. We have responsibilities to keep our boys in line and on the right path and behaving properly.

I know some couples in FLR/WLM are a bit deeper into the discipline and have regular (weekly) maintenance spankings to help solidify their roles in the relationship and they also keep a log of offenses which are weighted and take care of them all in one punishment session at the end of the week. I’ve been researching again as to why this would be and I don’t have a specific answer for that but I have discovered that there is a kink(?) out there called F/m Domestic Discipline. That’s a whole different post on its own.

For now, I’m off to warm up my hand in preparation of giving cagedmonkey some nice red rosy cheeks later. I know it won’t end up being that harsh of a correction since I’m right handed and I have a pretty significant tear in my rotator cuff that is heading for surgery.

Ok maybe I’ll post a picture later of the results! 😉

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