I’m Under Attack!!!

Ever since I woke up this morning I have been the target of My Lady’s extremely agressive sexual advances. My wake up call this morning consisted of ML crawling into bed with me and squeezing my naked ass cheeks (our agreement requires me to sleep naked) as she licked and sucked on my neck. Then she began whispering in my ear pretty much everything she said in her previous post as I moaned and squirmed on the bed. It was not long before the cock was filling up the cage and more, pressing the cage up into a vice grip on my balls. She continued kissing my ear and grinding her body against mine as I moaned louder – a mix of pleasure, frustration, and of course pain from my poor tender ballsack. I had to lay in the fetal position for a good five minutes after she left just to get a handle on the pain.

And if I thought being in the house all day with the kids would grant me a little break from ML’s torments, I was badly mistaken. She cornered me in the kitchen numerous times, pressing me up against the counter and kissing me fiercely. She also told me how badly she wanted to pin me against the counter and fuck my ass right there in the kitchen with the strap on. When she said she wished she could do it at that exact moment, I told her she’d never do something like that with the kids just a few rooms away. She proceeded to slide a hand down the back of my pants and shove one finger into my asshole as she continud to kiss me. I yelped in surprise, then I nearly fell over because it felt so good.

With the kids getting ready for bed, she came and sat next to me on the couch and began to sleathily rub my cage through my pants. After a few moments she began squeezing harder as she looked deeply into my eyes. I could see how much she was loving the power she had over me – the tiny hint of a smirk on her face, her chest heaving up and down as her breath quickened, her eyes on fire from the passion that was flowing between us. Once again the cage assaulted my balls, strangling them and pulling the skin tight to the point where it felt like the skin itself was on fire. I was again reduced to the fetal position as I said goodnight to the kids.

Usually things heat up between ML and me after the kids go to bed, and today was no exception. ML had me lay flat on the couch. She started rubbing her wet pussy up and down my chest, matting the hairs down when she stood up. It was then that she decided to fulfill her ass craving – the took Red (our small red strap-on dildo attachment) and began to slide it in and out of my asshole. She started off slow, but eventually she picked up the pace and gave my ass some rough treatment. ML’s pussy was within reach, so being the good sub that I am, I began fingering her to the same pace that she was fucking me. It was amazing! I could see it was getting her turned on, shoving the dildo into me and feeling the same sensation inside her pussy.

After a few minutes of thoroughly using my ass, ML rolled over and laid down on the floor. Then ML ordered me down on my hands and knees to eat her pussy until she came. I didn’t need to be told twice. I happily dove in and began eating my wife’s beautiful, wet, delicious pussy. She ended up cumming three times before she was fully satisfied with my efforts.

So here I sit at work, ML’s cock throbbing in it’s cage, my asshole pulsing from the rough treatment it received, and the faint smell of my wife’s horny pussy in my beard.

I couldn’t get her out of my mind even if I wanted to.  🙂


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