My Well Used Sex Toy

The other night started like any other night of tease and denial. I told cagedmonkey to get a list of toys and other things I wanted to play with. I had him bring down our neck & wrist cuffs to restrain him and put the blindfold on. It’s been awhile since we’ve used the blindfold so it was fun to pick and choose which toys I wanted to use and cagedmonkey had no idea what I was doing next. With his hands restrained I unlocked his JailBird and let him out of his cage.


SportSheets neck & wrist restraints

I started out by lubing up the mini butt plug and cagedmonkey’s beautiful tight asshole. Yes, I love that ass of his, I’m sure you remember that from my previous ass post. He was blindfolded so he had no clue what I was inserting, a toy? the butt plug? the prostate massager? I just loved his reaction when I pushed it passed his tight opening. That gasp and moan that happens as the muscle is spread apart.

With his ass feeling filled up and his hands restrained I took the strap-on harness and put it just above his unlocked hard cock. I straddled him and sat down on the strap-on. I began riding the strap on on top of him while his cock flopped around behind me aching to feel me. Instead he just bumped against my ass as I bounced up and down, fucking myself with my dildo. Cagedmonkey was writhing around moaning as I rode myself to a nice orgasm 2 inches away from the cock that desperately wanted to be used.

I started talking to him, describing exactly what I was doing. Like using my dildo to cum and leaving his cock to lay there hard, aching and unused. I told him maybe I needed to have my ass filed up as well just like his. That’s when I grabbed his cock and lubed it up. I could tell even under the blindfold that his eyes were bugging in shock and his breathing got shorter and faster. I lifted up on my knees with the dildo still inserted, took his cock and found the tight sweet spot and sat ever so slowly and gently down taking his entire cock into my ass. He moaned and grunted so loud as I did. I slowly slid up and down and on the dildo and his cock, then faster and faster until I came again, I collapsed onto his chest, breathing heavy… my session was done.

Out of Town, Not Out of Chastity

This past weekend we went out of town to visit family and celebrate Christmas. Cagedmonkey was locked back up on Thursday and stayed that way all through the weekend. Even with a ton of kids running around and even playing outside with them hubby had no issues with his JailBird. He was perfectly comfortable and it was like it wasn’t even there, until I got him turned on, then he knew it was there. 🙂 It was difficult being around so much family for 2 days and dying to jump each other. We did steal every moment we could for a kiss or to cop a feel.

Saturday night, after the kids got to sleep, us adults stayed up for some drinks and board games. We had an amazing amount of fun. The kids have always been too young before to do that kind of thing so I’m loving that they are getting older and we can start doing more of this stuff! It felt great to sit with adults, talking and laughing our asses off! 🙂

The whole weekend I kept waiting for someone to ask about the key hanging around my neck. I was fully prepared to say, “oh that’s the key to cagedmonkey’s chastity belt” lol though I’d say it while laughing so it seemed as though I was just joking but if never tell the real answer haha. It would have been fun!

After everyone else went to bed cagedmonkey and I stayed up a bit, had a couple more drinks and got a little frisky. We talked a lot and had some pretty intense conversations that I’m sure I don’t remember all of because of the alcohol. I do remember talking about having a “Power Switch,” as we call them. For us, a Power Switch is literally switching the D/s roll. It takes an immense amount of trust for me to do something like that because I’m naturally dominant and pretty much don’t have a submissive bone in me. Every now and then it is exciting to give up control and feel what it’s like to be forced to do something you “love to hate” doing.

Anyway, overall it was a fun weekend away and we’re back home tonight. All of us are happy to be back home to relax and enjoy some peace and quite. Well, the peace and quite of only our kids talking & fighting with each other, not 6 kids! 🙂

Christmas Break – Chastity Vacation


Well Christmas has come and gone. Cagedmonkey was unlocked at about 8am on Christmas eve morning, endured almost 24 hours of teasing, edging and even penetration, before being allowed release. His gift Christmas morning was being allowed to cum inside me. I know he was very worried I was going to make him wait until next year for a release and honestly, I hadn’t made the decision if he would cum or not until about 5 minutes before whispering in his ear.

Since that initial release he’s had a little “vacation” from his chastity device. Since we live a 24/7/365 type chastity lifestyle, it’s rare he is out for more than a few hours at a time. He actually had a chance to leave the house and even go to work without his cage. It did take a good amount of trust on my part but I believe he was the good boy he said he was.

Today will end that little vacation he’s had and the orgasm free for all. The past few days he’s really been able to cum when he wants. Still not allowed to masturbate without permission and even though he didn’t have to, he still asked to cum each time. With the exception of this morning. He got home from work, came in and surprised me with a wet warm tongue in my ass, flipped my half-asleep ass over, licked my pussy and then slid his big thick cock inside and filled me again with his cum. I know it’s something he was looking forward to being able to do. Since he’s always locked it was a nice treat, I’m sure, to be able to come home and fuck his wife. 🙂

So as I said, today the monkey will be caged again with the knowledge that he will not have a chance at release until our anniversary in mid January.


Woke Up To a “White” Christmas

When cagedmonkey got home from work yesterday morning I surprised him by unlocking him. Being unlocked certainly didn’t come without consequence. Since he was going to bed without his cage on, his hands were to be restrained so we didn’t have any accidents! 🙂

I spent most of the day yesterday teasing him. Even while he was trying to sleep I went up and edged him while he was restrained a few times and then drove him absolutely bonkers all day. I edged him throughout the day, let him feel between my pussy lips but not enter me… since it wasn’t actually Christmas yet! 🙂 It really was a fun day of tease and denial.

It was rather interesting going out. While I have him caged he doesn’t have any worries since he can’t get hard but when unlocked and I turn him on in public he’s got a big boner to hide haha. I had a lot of fun making him have to hide it last night.

Cagedmonkey and I had a great night we took a shower together and I got quite loud in there as I let him penetrate me. I allowed him to fuck my ass, however it wasn’t very long as my loud moaning and squealing got him very worked up and he wasn’t yet allowed to cum. We laid together watching some stuff on Netflix and groping each other and making out. We ended up going to bed and he still hadn’t gotten a chance to cum. I’m sure it was frustrating in the middle of the night when he asked to enter me and I said yes but then again denied him orgasm. That happened a couple times.

At about 5:30am – almost 24 hours after I unlocked him – I whispered in his ear while he was sleeping, “cum for me” and in a split second he was hard and on top of me slowly making love to me and gushing his huge load of denied cum deep in my pussy filling me up completely. It felt so good to have his cock pulse inside me emptying his cum in me. I just shook in ecstasy afterwards while he held me in his arms.

What a fantastic “white” Christmas morning. I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy your holiday as much as we have so far! 🙂

I’ve Got Big Balls!

Sorry, ACDC, but you have nothing to complain about here. Call me when you’ve been locked in a chastity cage and denied orgasm for over two weeks.

My balls are really starting to swell up HUGE. My Lady has kept me in the Jailbird for over two weeks now with minimal time out and absolutely no orgasms. I have spent plenty of time pleasing her and she has spent plenty of time teasing me. And now my balls are significantly larger than I’ve noticed in the past. I actually have to make sure I’m not peeing on them when it’s time to urinate!

I’m not sure of the specific cause of this. Part of it is almost certainly being denied orgasms or draining of any cum whatsoever, as ML has not milked me at all during this latest stretch. I’m pretty much leaking precum constantly at this point, but that is nowhere near achieving the draining I need so badly. I am sure that when (if?) ML lets me cum on Christmas, it is going to be an extremely heavy load. 🙂

I’m also wondering if my balls are looking bigger because my scrotum is being pulled by the cage. When ML teases me, my attempted erection pushes the cage up pretty far on “the equipment” down there, giving the skin around my balls a pretty good stretch. I feel a lot less discomfort with the JB than I did in the Birdcage, but the pull is still pretty strong. During these times, my balls feel large and extremely full, and they turn a deep shade of red. All is well as far as circulation goes – ML has taken a liking to massaging them in this state to make sure blood flow is acceptable (at least that’s her excuse).

My gigantic balls are probably a result of both factors – storing up a large load of cum waiting to be released, and the tight squeezing from the cage every time the cock tries to assert itself. One thing is for sure – they are very sensitive in this state, and I often find it impossible to hold back my moans when ML rubs them. She takes quite delight in that!

Generosity – Cuckold Fantasy

Author: Cagedmonkey

It’s three days past “Maybe Day” and I’m jumping through my skin. I’ve suffered through 5 solid weeks of either being locked up in the steel cage or enduring hours of tease and denial by Your hand. I have been forced to satisfy You in many different ways – my tongue, fingers, using Strap on on You until You are completely spent, for example. The one way I have not been allowed to please You is with your cock I have not been allowed to enter You for the entire five weeks of chastity this time around. You have been hinting that You are seriously looking forward to Maybe Day, perhaps even more than I am.
I am tied spread eagle to the bed, unable to move my body more than an inch or two away from You. You started off teasing me slowly, torturing me by making me wait even longer for my reward. Then You began to seriously put your cock through its paces, causing me to writhe around the bed and beg You for mercy. I am exhausted and nearly out of breath. My attention snaps back to You, however, as You straddle my hips and bring the head of my cock to Your wet pussy.
You make me wait even for this, sliding the head up and down Your pussy lips as I moan in utter frustration. You slowly slide your cock inside, and I can’t hold back a gasp as your cock is surrounded by Your warm, soft wetness. I want to thrust up into You, but I am held down by Your weight on my hips. Your pussy pulses and squeezes around me; I shudder as even that smallest amount of sensation begins to bring me closer to orgasm.
The pulsing of Your pussy stops as you reach to the side of the bed and grab you phone. “Oh baby, I almost forgot,” You casually remark, “I got an email from Adam a few days ago. He wanted you to read this, but you seem to be a little ‘tied up’ at the moment, so I figured I would read it to you.”
You then start to read the email from Adam. He writes how He loved the pics of Your beautiful tits, and how sexy You sounded as You moaned as I fucked You with the strap on and You came over and over. He got so horny that He fucked His wife in much the same way, making her moan and feeling her pussy flutter around His cock. He says I should know that it felt amazing to fuck a wet horny pussy nice and hard like that, and it’s too bad that I could only use a plastic cock on You while your cock thobbed away, locked away and lonely, unable to feel anything. He fucked her good; He ended up pulling out, stroking His cock hard and fast, and shooting a huge load of cum all over her stomach.
“I bet you’d like to jerk that cock and cum nice and hard all over me like that, huh?” You ask me. I nod, unable to speak. “Yeah, I know you would. I bet it would be a huge load, too. Over five weeks worth of cum backed up in those balls… it would probably be a lot more cum than this, you think?”
You turn the phone around and show me a photo of Adam’s cock, His hand wrapped around the shaft, and puddles of cum on what I assume is his wife’s stomach. He sent you a pic of His cum, prompted by the pics and videos I sent him for the explicit reason of getting off to. And now you are showing me the result as you hold you cock firmly in place inside your pussy.
I instictively thrust upward at You, but You hold me down.
“Nuh uh,” You say. “You be a good boy now. Looks like Adam enjoyed the presents you sent him! You owe him a thank you. I think a nice thank you gift would be to allow him to take your next orgasm from you on your next Maybe Day, five weeks from now…. he gets to cum, you don’t. What do you think?”
I’m speechless, unable to even think at the moment.
“Yes, that sounds just wonderful. When you write him a thank you email, you will tell him about the arrangement and how you won’t be cumming for just about 4 months because he is enjoying your presents so much.” You then begin to rise up off of my cock.
I begin to panic… what the??? Why are you not making me cum?
Then my brain does the math….
Five weeks from now, Adam will get to cum instead of me. I will have to wait five weeks after that, a total of ten, until I get to cum. But it has been five weeks already…
“Ah yes, my boy. You are realizing it now, yes? Adam took your orgasm this time around, too. He got to pump his cum nice and good, stealing your chance to empty those balls deep into my pussy… and you didn’t even know it! That must be so frustrating!”
Tears are beginning to well in my eyes as your cock begins to throb desperately, looking for any type of sensation in order to cum.
“Poor baby. I know this is hard for you, but it’s turning me on so much. In fact, I have to go get myself off, now! Hey look…. now just about EVERYBODY is getting to cum except for you!” You lean over and kiss my cheek as I let out a soft sob. “I’m going to head downstairs. I hope you can get yourself soft by the time I come back upstairs so I can lock you back up again.”
You walk to the door, turning back just before You turn out the light.
“I’ll try to keep it down so you don’t get too frutstrated up here,” You say with a wink.
You turn the lights off as I am left to deal with my ever increasing frustration. I eventually drift off to sleep to the sounds of Your moans as you cum for the third (or possibly fourth?) time….

Conversations in Chastity – Developing Situations

(Lady and cagedmonkey feel that communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and especially important in a chastity relationship. Occasionally, Lady and cagedmonkey will shed some light on what these conversations are like. What follows is a discussion between the two of them, all while posting to the blog.)

CM: So I wanted to ask you something…

Lady: ok?
CM: Does your intense arousal level push you farther in denying me, or does denying me increase your arousal level? Or is it chicken and egg?
Lady: Oh boy… uhhh… honestly I don’t know!
CM: Because I definitely see it feed both ways…. When you see how desperate I am, your pussy soaks, and other times you get so turned on, you really take teasing me to another level.
Lady: Oh definitely! I get extremely turned on by your desperation… but making you get to the point of desperation is extremely arousing

CM: But when you get turned on, you want to push me more.
Lady: Sitting here… I might have to say the bigger more arousing thing is seeing and feeling your ache, your desperate need for me. It’s like the one is the initial turn on but the big big thing is you being there and it makes me want to push you more so I feel more – maybe

CM: Another question – When we first started, you said that no matter how much I pleased you while locked, you would still need my cock. Is that starting to change? 
Lady: Definitely not.

CM: Ok good 🙂
Lady: I still need and want you very very badly… the part that changed is my will power and that I see how you get the longer I deny you so I want to make myself hold off but it’s very difficult

CM: But I sense the need to make me cum has subsided quite a bit.

Lady: THAT has totally changed! I used to feel like I had to give you an orgasm to keep you happy and wanting to be with me… now… I don’t feel that way at all.
CM: Do you still want/need my help?
Lady: Your help to deny you? I don’t think so… I don’t need you to not ask for fear that I might give in. If I “give in” it’s because I want to not because of what you do or don’t do

CM: What about you though? The feel of my cock surging inside you, filling you up…. You said before that you need that. Not anymore?

Lady: I DO need it… I just know if I force myself to wait it will be that much more fantastic

CM: So it’s more like you want it, but you can wait for it
Lady: Oh hell I want it, need it, ache for it but I’m able to control it – with the help of the device. If the device wasn’t there I’d give in and fuck you all the time

CM: I wish! Do you think you’ll ever be able to progress from “want” to “need”? I just realized this sounds like pressuring but it’s not, just curious
Lady: I don’t feel this as pressuring at all, dear

CM: Ok good 🙂
Lady: What do you mean progress from want to need?
CM: Basically, i’m wondering if we will get to the stage where you can keep me cum-less indefinitely without “denying” yourself….. I don’t mean permanent (God no), but for as long as you like with no limits
Lady: You mean without feeling like I’m denying myself?
CM: Yes.
Lady: I think my levels will/are changing as to when I start to NEED to feel you, see you or want you to cum.
CM: Ok. For your information, I’m hoping we can get there. I want you to have everything you want but still be able to deny me for as long as you wish (weeks, months, etc)

Lady: That’s the overall plan 🙂
CM: I don’t want anything to influence you, including your cravings.
Lady: I’m slowly building my “tolerance” or ability to hold off on feeling you… it’s not easy because looking back, 10 days kicks my ass (right about now!) but I’m getting better at getting through by not unlocking you on vulnerable days!
CM: But what happens if a non vulnerable day turns into a vulnerable day? 🙂
Lady: Well… I guess we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get there 🙂

CM: I’m just afraid one day I’ll be inside  you and you’ll cave in the middle of a MASSIVE denial period 🙂
Lady: If that happened, we start over… we have so many years ahead! 🙂
CM: True…  I just  wanna wanna wanna wanna  do  this right!
Lady: There is no right or wrong, darling How we do it IS right!

CM: Got that right!