Ordering Our Custom Chastity Device

On October 25th I placed my order to Mature Metal for my cagedmonkey’s (cm) custom chastity device. I decided on the Jail Bird style because it is very similar to what we have now and I really love seeing how the penis squishes through the bars!

I will tell you that it took a few days to a week of measuring several times at several times of day to make sure what we were measuring was correct. I even snuck in while cm was sleeping and measured him then! Hehe 🙂 when measuring it is important to get the true flaccid length and its best to order the sizing rings from Mature Metal. For $20 it’s well worth it if you want to order the correct size for your device. The sizing rings are usually sent out very quickly (ours were sent out the next business day). The sizes you need to know when ordering are flaccid length, circumference or more importantly the diameter of the penis shaft for the cage and diameter of the base ring.

***edited to add: I wanted to come and make sure to note that since receiving the JB and having cagedmonkey wearing it I notice that the curved length of his flaccid penis is not quite the same as the straight length. I’ll suggest using a piece of string to measure it with a bit of a curve (at least for someone with a longer flaccid penis) or quite simply you could measure straight hanging down but subtract a half an inch at least. That might save you the need to have an adjustment made.

Today our Jail Bird got delivered! It is usually a 6-8 week wait for William at Mature Metal to custom make your device and get it sent out. I was pleasantly surprised to find out last Friday from Mistress MM that our device was being mailed out already! So very exciting! When our package arrived it was in a USPS Priority Mail box which meant it had a tracking number. So fantastic when you’re a bit addicted to the postal mail as I am! I just love getting mail! Once I opened the box I was very pleased to see such care taken in packaging & shipping. The cage itself comes in a pretty red velvet bag and the ring along side in a little plastic zipper bag. It’s padded in the box by some sexy black tissue paper too.
The cage itself seems to be an amazing piece of work! At first inspection it looks to be extremely well constructed, free from any metal dust and feels smooth to the touch with no sharp or uneven edges.


Of course once my cagedmonkey is locked in it he will have to review the whole wearing part of this device. This order process and wait time have been nothing short of awesome. I look forward to doing business with Mistress MM and William in the future. I already know, for variety, we plan to order another type of device. I’m not sure which I’ll choose but I’ll be sure to let you all know when I do!

I’m so excited right now and can’t wait for hubby too wake up so I can switch him out of the Bird Cage and get him in his custom cage. There he will be staying until at least Christmas! 😀

Deciding on a Device

It’s one thing to be interested in Male Chastity and its quite another to buy a device and start wearing it.

Back in June cagedmonkey introduced the idea of male chastity (that’s for another post!). I looked it up for a few months and got info before I had really made any decisions. Then in September I started to actually research (I’m one of those ladies that goes full on into research when I’m interested in something) different chastity devices. The three main types are Silicone, Plastic and, of course Steel. By the beginning of October I had decided there was no way I could see hubby in anything other than silicone because plastic was just hard and, ewwwww, steel? Who the hell wears steel on their cock?

Haha lmao, yes, I laugh now! Mainly because I went through things the hard way but it was necessary to realize 1. What we needed for hubby’s specific size and 2. What I really did like!


The first device we ordered was a CB6000s style in silicone and we very soon found out that this size was in no way a size that would fit hubby. He couldn’t even get into it and when we did manage to squeeze him kinda in (it was not pretty) once he even began to get an erection he completely pulled the entire device apart lol. This led me to do more research!

I really wish I had found thumpers blog before all this and his post with device reviews! I think it might have helped a bit in getting some real world experience with the different devices.

After pushing apart the silicone device I realized I needed to do some extra research on device fit and how to measure. I managed to get some rough measurements on hubby and found that there were only two types of off-the-shelf devices that came in a size that would fit him. One was a plastic device called The Curve and the other was a steel device called a Bird Cage. This is where my dilemma came to be. I was not ready for a steel device because I still thought penises looked so damn ugly locked up in steel. In reading about the plastic and hearing about injury due to them breaking, I couldn’t help but lean towards a steel device. Especially after watching hubby’s strength and what happened to the silicone one. I just had trouble justifying the cost if he ended up breaking it!


So I broke down and ordered the Bird Cage and figured if I hated it we would deal with it. It only took a couple of days for it to be delivered and we were so excited to finally get the monkey boy locked up and start this journey properly. Once the Bird Cage was out of the box we started with the largest base ring and got the cage on and the lock clicked.

Something happened in me that I never expected! I immediately saw how incredibly sexy MY boy looked in his steel device. It was a beautiful sight and I got extremely aroused at seeing him locked up for me in his device. He put on a steel cage and clicked that lock for me. It was a very emotional moment and the butterflies in my stomach were outrageous. Once I saw his penis through the cage I knew we made an awesome decision. The other thing I find outstanding is when little man in the cage does try to get an erection he presses and squishes against the bars so hard. I love seeing it and knowing that he’s so turned on by me and that he’s dying to get out. After seeing how strong he is to push through the steel bars, there is no doubt in my mind that steel was the way to go for us.

It was October 12th the first time cagedmonkey was locked up and it was not long after that he was wearing it for much longer periods. At this point he was still holding the keys and I did not officially become the Keyholder.

Currently, cagedmonkey is still locked in the steel Bird Cage.

Let’s Talk About Lube

One of the most important aspects of wearing a chastity device for an extended period of time is daily maintenance. For the sake of both comfort and safety, it’s important to do your “daily chores” and take care of your cage as well as its prized contents.

First, it’s very important to keep your cage clean. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to wash your cage after removing it, however this may not be an option for some guys whose keyholder keeps them locked in a device 24/7… like me, for example. In my case, I find that a good rinse in the shower once a day is sufficient, but I try to give it a good soap-and-water wash at least every other day. Men who are using a more enclosed style of device may require more frequent soap washes.

Just as important as washing is drying your cage. At first, I simply towel-dried out of the shower, but I found there were some spots that were beginning to rust from retained water. Seeing as though the Birdcage I wear is chrome-plated steel, I didn’t worry too much about the rust… however, I didn’t want mold to grow. Using a hair dryer on low/cool setting seems to work better than a towel.

The next step in daily maintenance is applying proper lubrication. Lubing up is one of the most important things you will do involving your cage on a daily basis. When you forget to do it, you will realize it. And you most likely will not forget again for quite a while. Lubrication is important because you want things to be able to move around freely down there without any chafing or pinching. With a proper snug-fitting cage, there is high potential for skin irritations from normal behaviors such as sitting, walking, or attempted erections. Lubrication helps things to move around a little easier. My Lady loves to tease me and watch her cock try to grow inside the cage and press against the bars, straining against the unyielding steel. Without lubing up, this would end up being a lot more uncomfortable than it already is.

I find that more lube is better than less. I began using Q-tips to apply the lube under and around the bars of my Birdcage, until I realized that my finger fits well in the spaces between the steel. I may be forced to use the Q-tips when ML decides to start using a more enclosed device on me.

Using the correct type of lube is also vital. Water-based lubricants are best in my opinion, because they can be used with pretty much any type of device; silicone-based or petroleum-based lubes shouldn’t be used with either silicone or plastic devices because they can degrade the material. Not only is the type of lube critical, but also the brand that you buy can contribute to the quality of your “lubricatedness.” I have found that name brand products work best, as they should; Astroglide is my personal favorite. Store brand lubes can be just as good, but beware – not all store brand products are created equal! I just recently found that. although the Rite-Aid brand of personal lubricant works just fine for me, the Equate brand (available at Walmart) gets very sticky and “goobery” when it dries. Just because one store brand doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean another won’t also. Don’t be afraid to try a few different types out. If all else fails, spring for the good stuff. It’ll be worth it.

At first, I thought that fitting all of these duties into my routine would be a hassle. But honestly, I really enjoy performing my “daily maintenance” tasks. I feel that taking good care of my cage is a way to show my devotion to my keyholder and to show my gratitude that she has valued me enough to lock me up to be hers and hers alone to control. It is my way of saying “thank you.”

cagedmonkey is Kept!


When cagedmonkey and I got into this lifestyle we knew right away it was perfect for us. After a bit we realized the perfect way to solidify the lifestyle and make sure we remembered our roles was to get a tattoo. It is something we both wanted so call it a commitment tattoo or a chastity tattoo, whatever, it is a symbol of our life together with me keeping him locked 24/7 in his chastity device.

Since our marriage is a mostly WLM, cm deferred to me to choose what, where and when he would get his tattoo. Since it was my tattoo I contacted our tattoo artist and gave him my ideas and he designed a fantastic padlock design with etching-like drawings on it. One of my favorite spots on hubby are his hips so it was only natural that I’d have him get it tattooed there.

I’m sharing the picture here because I’m pretty proud of it and it’s extremely sexy. I will also be getting another tattoo just as soon as I design a matching key.

An Introduction

Welcome to Monkey in a Cage, our little corner of the internet where we give you insight on our adventures in enforced male chastity!

When My Lady and I first decided to try out this lifestyle, we found that there was a lot of info available on the internet. The problem was that not a lot of sources were, shall we say, credible. Sure, there were blogs explaining the details of the lifestyle – almost all from the viewpoint of the male – but they just seemed too “edgy.” My wife and I had trouble believing they were serious. “Are there any NORMAL people who live this lifestyle?” we asked on more than one occasion.

This blog hopes to answer that question with a resounding YES!

Here you will find our thoughts and experiences that come from living the lifestyle of enforced male chastity. Not only will you find thoughts and posts on subjects from my (male/caged) point of view, but also from My Lady’s (female/keyholder) point of view. Yes, women actually have interesting things to say on this subject, too! Some of the things we post will be extremely hot and sexy; some of our posts definitely WILL NOT be. But everything you read here will be 100% honest. We are not porn stars and we are not actors. We are REAL PEOPLE. This is a place where you can discover exactly what living a full time lifestyle of male chastity means.

We love answering questions and crave feedback, so please feel free to comment on our posts and/or reach out to us via our “Contact Us” page. And please enjoy following along as we walk down this exciting road!