Teasing Him to Tears

I know I’m always trying to find that new unique way to tease cagedmonkey. I’m constantly worried about becoming a predictable, boring wife and Keyholder. I also know I’m not the only one since I’m asked quite often from other wives and Keyholders about how to keep things interesting. When you search online looking for tease ideas you never get actual descriptions of how to tease your guy but rather a very vague “if you know what they like, do that!” It’s one thing to know what they like and another thing altogether to try something they MIGHT like. Personally, I’d love to know some great trigger words or actual descriptions of what a regular couple does. We’re not all hardcore into BDSM so the tying up and spanking, humiliation or feminization is just not our thing. I guess you could call a lot of what we do: Vanilla Tease & Denial. 🙂

So I decided I would describe one of our prolonged, pretty intense tease sessions where cagedmonkey had tears in his eyes. Prolonged edging could be considered a bit of torture, I suppose… then again, when I make him read this post those feelings will come rushing back, so those sessions can linger! Hopefully here I will accomplish two things: 1. I’ll help give other Keyholders a specific idea to tease which they can use in full or part or change up as they please and 2. I’ll end up teasing the hell out of any of you chaste boys reading our blog and make you press against the confines of your cage. Really that will be helping your Keyholder as well because it’s one less time she will have to tease you! 🙂

So cagedmonkey and I have only a couple nights a week where we get to actually play for an extended amount of time. Most nights we only have like an hour once the kids go to bed and he has to leave for work. So this particular night we decided to go upstairs to watch a movie on Netflix while I had him unlocked and I would play around a little but he knew he would not be cumming. We decided on a movie and got it started, that’s when I told him to check the length, it was a 2 hour and 9 minute movie. That’s also when explained that I would be teasing him non-stop through the entire movie. That he would spend a good portion of that two hours on the edge of orgasm. The movies opening credits started and so did I. I started with just some regular moderately paced stroking. This didn’t take too long to get him right up there to the edge of orgasm and then once the moaning and slight hip action starts on his part I slowed down my strokes to just keep him there, hanging on. I did this for quite awhile, non-stop, leaving him linger on the edge for all that time. I love how his breathing gets faster and shorter and he sometimes grunts and moans at the frustration. I know he’s loving it just as much as me though. Once I had done that for a good half hour (you really don’t have to if you don’t have the arm stamina – a mix between your hand and a vibrator would work too, ladies!) he’d gotten plenty of precum built up and it started to pour out in gobs. Precum makes for great lube on the penis head! So I took advantage of that and took my left hand near the base of his shaft and pulled down on the skin of his penis until it was tight and held my hand flat against his pelvic bone and with my right hand I made an “ok sign” with the thumb and forefinger and stroked the head of his cock over and over and over. When using this technique be sure most of your stroking stays around the head. If it got too dry I’d grab a handful of shaft and drag it upward so another big drip of precum would come out for lube. I also found this fantastic new way to tease the head of the cock during this! I opened my palm and kinda made a small cupped shape so the top side (stomach side) of the glans was in the cupped part. Making sure to have it lubed well with precum I just moved my hand up and down just pushing the head of the penis in and out of that tiny cupped spot in my hand. He was bucking like crazy when I did that! I continued this for a good half an hour as well and I did throw a few strokes in here or there to keep it interesting. After that I did go back to stroking a bit but this time I added a ball massage to it… so stroking, head stroking (while pulling the shaft skin tight) and the ball massage just about four the next half an hour. Just a few minutes on each thing bringing him to the edge each time. The last half an hour I made sure to add my mouth into the mix. By this time he’s extremely sensitive so anything I’m doing is causing him to moan and groan and whimper. He knows better than to beg me to stop because nothing I’m doing is causing him pain or giving him reason to beg for relief. He just takes every ounce I have to give.

So that’s the physical part of the tease – yes arm stamina is crucial if you plan to do these things manually but a vibrator, masturbator and other toys are also a huge help. Another thing you can obviously do, if you have a wriggle worm like I do, is to tie your guys arms and legs spread eagle. That I will do if I know for sure he can’t truly handle what I’m going to give him… or if he’s feeling quite horny that I don’t think he’ll be able to keep his hands to himself. During this particular night it was about a half an hour or so into teasing him when I had to pause and tie his ass down! :)~

Now the other part to all this, ladies, is screwing with your guy mentally and emotionally. This is probably the more important part. If you’re not a big talker, trust me, when I say, that after a few times you will get better and better at “mindfucking” your guy, especially once you hear the reaction you get from doing it! This is where knowing his fantasies (or even common male fantasies) is a huge help. It’s not that hard to get started talking dirty during your tease session. The easiest way to get started is to literally describe what your doing and be sure to ask questions… even if they are rhetorical. Using phrases like “aww poor baby” or “that’s too bad” and even “I bet it feels that way.” Say things like “you love it when I stroke that cock all nice and fast, don’t you?”, “Ooo baby, how about if… I… Go… So… Sloooooooow?” It just takes that much and, of course, you can’t forget to throw in “I bet you’d love to feel my tight wet pussy wrapped around that cock cumming hard all over it” and even more importantly bringing up how long you’ve been teasing him and how much longer he still has to endure it. Not to mention talking how long it’s been since he came or how long it’s going to be until he gets to cum. Another thing that usually drives our guys crazy is us masturbating in front of them, making them watch. They want to be the ones pleasing us and we even have the power to take that away. They get to feel those jealous feelings seeing us do what they can’t do while locked up and denied. Reminding them how they can’t touch themselves, get an erection or even cum without your permission. These things all play right into the mindfucking.

One of the things I’m noticing with the chaste boy is that they love us being in control and being confident in that control. Like from across the room showing them our naked breasts, grabbing them, squeezing them together and giving them that “this is no accident, I know exactly what this is doing to you” look. It’s that kind of arrogant, sassy attitude that really gets them!

Hopefully somewhere in the length of this post you’ve found some information to help you! I always welcome questions so feel free to use the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!

5 responses to “Teasing Him to Tears

  1. Next time you tease him, try “ball milking”. Strap him to the table spread eagle, sit in a comfortable position behind or just to the side, like a milk maid milking a cow. Get plenty of lube on your hands, make the ok sign while encircling his scrotum with one hand and stroke down. The balls are the “stop”. Before letting go, repeat the ok sign with the other hand at the top of the scrotum and stroke down to the “stop”. You control the tempo, go as fast or slow as you want. Mix it up. You can also vary how soft or hard you come to the stop. A nice soft landing or a good firm tug when you reach the bottom of your stroke. It will drive him wild. Whether he cums or not is up to you.


    • Ah, Pete! That’s how I’ve done it in the past… it drives him crazy! Hmmm I think once I get my rotator cuff fixed I’ll have to do that again and get him moaning, I just love hearing him! 🙂


  2. Mrs. Twisted seems to enjoy making me watch while she uses a moderately large, realistic dildo to pleasure herself, telling me to *imagine* how it would feel. Often she says things like “Don’t you wish it could be *your* cock sliding in and out of my pussy?”, “How do you like watching a big cock sliding in and out of my pussy while yours is all locked up?”. Sometimes she’ll ask me if I want to ‘taste’ her pussy, then demand that I lick and suck her juices from the dildo. She appears to enjoy pumping it in and out of my mouth. This, of course, is somewhat humiliating, more so because I am hard and aroused at the time, which she can use to increase the feeling by suggesting that I ‘like’ doing it. (I am generally homophobic, but for some strange reason it is erotic to be forced to ‘perform’ in this manner.)

    Of course, this sort of ‘teasing’ touches on the area of cuckolding, so you might want to be careful in how you approach it. Men are, of course, aroused watching porn- watching another man fuck a woman…but, in this case, the suggestion is of another man fucking ‘his’ woman. The ‘suggestion’ can be decreased by making sure that all references to the dildo remain as merely a toy, or increased by referring to it as a ‘cock’, and further increased by referring to it as ‘someone else’s cock’. The strength of the suggestion is dependent on your terminology and attitude and can be used to increase the sense of your control (and his lack of control), depending on how comfortable you are with it. Don’t be surprised if you both find this very erotic and want to make the suggestion stronger. On the other hand, if this disturbs one or both of you, you may want to avoid it. (However, in my opinion, watching one’s wife/SO enjoy the penetration of a dildo/vibrator *always* contains an element of this suggestion, no matter how oblique or unrealized it may be.)


    • Hey Twisted!
      I’m not so much into the toys myself but I, too, have used the one we have that I’m most comfortable with in front of cagedmonkey while he was tied up and desperate to please me. I also have had him clean off my dildo when I was done with it. I have issues with anything seeming like he is sucking cock or anything like that. He’s my man and I don’t want to see him as anything else. Now him cleaning my juices off my toy is one thing but I could never call it a cock or anything like that because it pushes my mental limits and grosses me out. The same goes with “pegging” but,that is for another post! 🙂

      As for the cuckolding idea, that again is a whole other post, I totally get the whole idea for the most part. Hubby and I have talked about it and we do understand why it can be exciting for some but we both know it’s not something we could physically do. We do enjoy a similar type thing but nothing ever physical. More just on the making cagedmonkey jealous of something he can’t do side of things. Similar to making him watch a video of himself masturbating which is something he can’t do unless I unlock him and give him permission! :)~


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