cagedmonkey is Kept!


When cagedmonkey and I got into this lifestyle we knew right away it was perfect for us. After a bit we realized the perfect way to solidify the lifestyle and make sure we remembered our roles was to get a tattoo. It is something we both wanted so call it a commitment tattoo or a chastity tattoo, whatever, it is a symbol of our life together with me keeping him locked 24/7 in his chastity device.

Since our marriage is a mostly WLM, cm deferred to me to choose what, where and when he would get his tattoo. Since it was my tattoo I contacted our tattoo artist and gave him my ideas and he designed a fantastic padlock design with etching-like drawings on it. One of my favorite spots on hubby are his hips so it was only natural that I’d have him get it tattooed there.

I’m sharing the picture here because I’m pretty proud of it and it’s extremely sexy. I will also be getting another tattoo just as soon as I design a matching key.


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