An Introduction

Welcome to Monkey in a Cage, our little corner of the internet where we give you insight on our adventures in enforced male chastity!

When My Lady and I first decided to try out this lifestyle, we found that there was a lot of info available on the internet. The problem was that not a lot of sources were, shall we say, credible. Sure, there were blogs explaining the details of the lifestyle – almost all from the viewpoint of the male – but they just seemed too “edgy.” My wife and I had trouble believing they were serious. “Are there any NORMAL people who live this lifestyle?” we asked on more than one occasion.

This blog hopes to answer that question with a resounding YES!

Here you will find our thoughts and experiences that come from living the lifestyle of enforced male chastity. Not only will you find thoughts and posts on subjects from my (male/caged) point of view, but also from My Lady’s (female/keyholder) point of view. Yes, women actually have interesting things to say on this subject, too! Some of the things we post will be extremely hot and sexy; some of our posts definitely WILL NOT be. But everything you read here will be 100% honest. We are not porn stars and we are not actors. We are REAL PEOPLE. This is a place where you can discover exactly what living a full time lifestyle of male chastity means.

We love answering questions and crave feedback, so please feel free to comment on our posts and/or reach out to us via our “Contact Us” page. And please enjoy following along as we walk down this exciting road!

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